BBC courtroom thriller You Don’t Know Me has recently been picked up by Netflix and is proving popular.

It recently appeared on the streaming platform, and the story has everyone enthralled.


The series follows the story of Hero.

However, everyone seems to have the same complaint about the series.

The show is as follows: “A young man from South London, Hero, is in the dock for murder.

“The evidence against him is overwhelming, but instead of letting one of the lawyers decide what is best for him, he chooses to exercise his right to tell his own story, in his own words.”

The synopsis continues: “His story is extraordinary, it’s about the woman he loves, who gets into dangerous trouble.

“It’s about how he risked everything to save her. He swears he’s innocent, but in the end, the only thing that matters is whether you believe his story or not.”

As gripping as the story is, it starts to get a bit confusing towards the end of the series.

In the final episode, viewers see two alternate endings unfold for the protagonist.

One in which a guilty verdict is decided and one in which a not guilty verdict is decided.

This has scrambled the heads of his fans, who are desperate to know what exactly happened to Hero.

Those who saw the confusing ending took to Twitter to rant.

One wrote: “You don’t know me on Netflix should be called You don’t know the score.”

Another said: “So did he turn guilty or not guilty in You Don’t Know Me on Netflix? I’m so upset with the ending.”

“How are they going to end You Don’t Know Me on Netflix like that” and “The end of You Don’t Know Me… @netflix we need answers.” wrote another fan.

As another viewer asked, “Please watch ‘You Don’t Know Me’ on Netflix, and tell me what the ending means, because I’m mad! #YouDon’tKnowMe

Two endings unfold and fans are confused.


Two endings unfold and fans are confused.

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