*WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Obi-Wan Kenobi*

Episode 6 of Obi-Wan Kenobi proved to be the perfect finale as the climactic chapter gave fans everything they wanted from the highly anticipated series.

While Obi-Wan and Vader have one last confrontation, the disgraced Third Sister, Reva, is on the hunt for a new target and arrives on Tatooine in the hopes of finding the boy Owen Lars is protecting, Luke Skywalker.

But Reva’s hunt for Luke has left fans with a few questions, with many asking why the Third Sister would want to kill the innocent boy.

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Reva’s exploits in Obi-Wan Kenobi episode 6

Episode 6 of Obi-Wan Kenobi opens on Tatooin as Reva arrives in Mos Eisley and asks a water vendor if he knows the whereabouts of Owen Lars.

After learning that Owen is protecting a boy of notable importance at the end of episode 5, Reva has ventured to the Outer Rim planet to hunt down and kill that boy, who we know is a young Luke Skywalker.

Owen receives a tip-off from the aforementioned water vendor and he rushes home to warn Beru, who quickly springs into action, retrieving some stashed weapons and telling Owen that they should get prepared.

Later that night, after Tatooine’s twin suns have set, Reva arrives and is on a mission to kill.

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Why does Reva want to kill Luke?

After Reva and her fellow Padawans fell victim to Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader during Order 66, she wants to take revenge against the Sith Lord.

When Owen asks her what she wants with Luke, she says: “Justice.”

Reva had initially wanted to kill Darth Vader himself and planned to rise through the Inquisitors’ ranks to find the right moment to strike him down.

However, as we saw in episode 5, she failed in her attempt as Vader saw through her intentions and easily countered her attack, leaving her both wounded and disgraced.

As Reva knew that Vader was too strong for her to kill, she elected to pursue another target after she found the message Bail Organa sent to Obi-Wan on his communicator.

The message revealed that they were protecting a boy and Reva managed to deduce that this boy, Luke, is the son of Anakin Skywalker.

Rather than killing Anakin himself, Reva turned her attention to the next best thing, his son.

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Why does she let Luke live?

After Luke manages to escape the homestead, he flees across the desert and into the nearby rock formation to hide but he isn’t out of the woods yet.

Reva has followed and is close on his tail, catching glimpses of Luke as he scurries up the rocks to higher ground.

The Third Sister uses the Force to pull Luke from the cliffs, causing him to fall and knock himself unconscious, giving Reva that perfect opportunity to kill him.

However, as Reva readies her lightsaber, she experiences a vision and sees her own body as a child lying on the ground in place of Luke.

The moment shakes her and she is unable to kill Luke, instead deciding to take him back to Owen and Beru as well as Obi-Wan, who has just arrived to help look for the boy.

A teary Reva is distraught that she couldn’t bring herself to kill Luke but Obi-Wan reassures her that by showing mercy, she is choosing not to be like Vader and is allowing her fallen Padawan friends to be at peace.

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Obi-Wan Kenobi is available to stream now on Disney+ with the final episode releasing on June 22nd, 2022.

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