A MOTHER says she has lost a “substantial amount of money” in a cruel WhatsApp scam and other users should beware.

The scam involves a criminal posing as your child or loved one and appears to be rearing its head again after circulating on WhatsApp last year.


Journalist Felicity Hannah highlighted the fraudulent WhatsApp message she says her friend’s mother receivedCredit: Twitter / @FelicityHannah

Journalist happy hannah She recently posted a screenshot on Twitter of a scam message she says her friend’s mother received.

Hannah tweeted: “Really nasty #Scamwarning. This is the start of a scam attack that cost my friend’s mom a substantial amount of cash and a great deal of heartbreak.

“The offender posed as the victim’s son and then claimed he couldn’t access his bank because he had changed his phone number and needed to pay a bill.”

Unfortunately, the victim fell for this scam and wired what Hannah says was a “large amount of money.”

The victim thought she was sending the money to her adult son with the promise that he would receive the money the next day.

The victim did not want to share more details or the amount that was lost because she felt ashamed for having fallen for the cruel scam.

This scam is quite common and many people have fallen for it before.

Twitter users even responded to Hannah’s original Twitter thread with their own examples of the same scam.

One said: “Happened to my mum yesterday. The only thing that stopped the £2,100 outflow was the bank saying it might be a scam.”

“My mother-in-law also received the same text message on Sunday.”

Another said: “This happened to my mom. Fortunately, when the scammer asked her for money, she called the number.”

“There was no answer, so she called my husband to ask if he was okay. I was very upset and worried about her.”

A 75-year-old man previously told The Sun of his anger after scammers on WhatsApp tricked him into sending them hundreds of pounds.

Duped retiree John (not his real name) lost £1,500 ($2,051) at the hands of cunning cybercriminals posing as his granddaughter on the popular messaging service.

Fortunately, his bank agreed to return the money to him after The Sun contacted him.

If you receive a suspicious message from someone you know, you should always call the person to verify that it really is him or to verify his identity by other means.

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