On Wednesday 25 May, a previous TMZ reporter named Morgan Tremaine took the stand to testify during the ongoing defamation case between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

Depp’s attorney called him to testify about how the outlet came to acquire a confidential “kitchen cabinet” video. Tremaine eventually appeared in court after a Virginia judge rejected TMZ’s emergency motion to intervene in the case.

The former field Assignment Manager at TMZ was present when the site received footage of Depp yelling at Heard in a kitchen, slamming cupboard doors, and hurling a wine bottle, SportsKeeda reports.

Let’s find out more about the witness and discover what he did while working for the celebrity tabloid.

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Who is Morgan Tremaine?

Ex-TMZ employee Morgan Tremaine is the current producer at Esports Engine. A turnkey esports solutions company that works with game publishers.

Over on Instagram, @morgantremaine‘s pronouns are displayed as he/him and his bio suggests he is more active on Twitter.

@morgantremaine‘s verified Twitter account boats over 8,000 followers. His bio states that he also works as a host, Xbox Ambassador, as well as a producer for @TwitchRivals, @100Thieves, @Pokemon and more areas are not listed.

Tremaine’s LinkedIn profile states that he has worked as a Live Broadcast Producer at Esports Engine since September 2020.

The social media user’s inactive Facebook profile displays that he studied Film Production at Los Angeles Film School. It also suggests he lives in Los Angeles, California and is originally from Florence, Italy.

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Celebratory Facebook posts suggest that Morgan’s birthday falls on 10th July. Gossip Next Door reports that he is currently 31-years-old.

What did the reporter do at TMZ?

As shown on his LinkedIn page, Morgan Tremaine was an Assignment Manager at TMZ for three years from October 2015 until August 2017. Job responsibilities include having led all aspects of field video production as department lead.

Prior to this position, he worked at the outlet as a Video Producer from September 2014 to November 2015. In this role in he had to conceive, research, write, shoot, and edit digital video segments on breaking TMZ.com stories.

Tremaine worked for the entertainment news website when they obtained and published a video of Depp and Heard. TMZ published an article on 12 August 2016, titled “Johnny Depp Goes Off on Amber Heard, Hurls Wine Glass.”

The article contained a video of Depp being seen loudly slamming cupboards while Heard talks to him in a kitchen.

Photo by EVELYN HOCKSTEIN/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Former employee called to testify

The former TMZ employee took the stand to testify as one of Johnny Depp’s witnesses. He was called to speak about how the outlet came to acquire a confidential video of the actor yelling at his ex-wife Heard.

Depp’s legal team indicated that they wanted to call Tremaine as a witness but lawyers for TMZ argued the employee had nothing to do with the video, as per New York Post reports.

However, TMZ’s emergency motion to intervene in the case was rejected by Judge Penney Azcarate and Morgan Tremaine appeared in court on Wednesday 25 May.

In reference to the case, Tremaine took to Twitter:

“I genuinely hope no one is paying attention to this trial today, and are instead focused on stopping gun violence like that which killed 19 children and 2 teachers in Texas this week. Celebrity news does not matter.”

During his testimony, Mr Tremaine said TMZ were given a tip-off that Amber Heard was filing for a restraining order at a courthouse in LA in 2016. He added he sent photographers down to the scene after hearing from the source, Daily Mail reports.

He testified: ‘The objective was to capture her leaving the courthouse and she was going to stop and turn to the camera and display the bruise.’

The former staff member did not reveal the source who gave the tip, but said a news producer passed it down to him, meaning it was verified.

Heard had testified she was shocked to see paparazzi outside the courthouse.

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Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard for defamation because of an op-ed she published in the Washington Post in 2018. Heard is countersuing Depp. The case is set to continue.

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