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TikTok sparks rumors Camille Vasquez may represent David Dobrik in Jeff Wittek case

David Dobrik is being sued by Jeff Wittek after a stunt with an excavator went wrong – and he’s got one lawyer in particular in mind.

After TMZ revealed the news to the public, rumours have been surfacing the internet that David will be using Camille Vasquez as his lawyer.

If you want to get up to speed with the claims, look no further. HITC has everything you need to know about what went down with David and Jeff, who Camille Vasquez is, and the rumours surrounding the attorney defending Dobrik.

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David Dobrik VS Jeff Wittek

Jeff Wittek is suing David Dobrik for $10 million in damages. The lawsuit was obtained by TMZ, where Jeff’s side of the story was heard.

Jeff claimed that in 2020, he, David, and a group of friends were filming a video for David Dobrik where they would take turns being swung around by a rope attached to an excavator, which David was handling.

However, as the construction equipment was going too fast, Jeff ended up hitting the excavator at full force. TMZ reported that this caused major injury, resulting in a broken foot, hip, shattered skull as well as almost losing his eye.

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TikTok thinks Camille Vasquez could represent David Dobrik

Camille gained recognition for defending Johnny Depp in his defamation case against Amber Heard.

She became the talk of the town once again after a clip of her and Ben Chew surfaced online on TikTok. In it, Ben can be heard telling Camille that he had spoken to David Dobrik, which has led to the rumours that they will be representing him in his trial.

While the video does not paint a full picture of what the meeting was about, given that David is currently getting sued by Jeff, many suspected it could be regarding the same. As of now, an official confirmation from neither David nor Camille’s team has been released. At the moment, the news about Camille and Ben representing David is just rumours.

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Camille’s followers are hoping the rumours aren’t true

As David Dobrik has been involved in multiple scandals over the years, Camille’s fans aren’t too happy about the gossip surrounding her representing him. In fact, many have taken to social media to express their concern.

One Twitter user wrote: “If Camille takes David Dobrik’s case I will no longer be a fan.”

Jess The Reporter took to TikTok to inform users about the rumour, and Camille fans were quick to jump to the comments. One TikTok user commented: “I really hope she does not. If anything she should represent Jeff.”

While there is no confirmation so far, it looks like Camille’s fans want her to stay away from the world of YouTubers.

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