When it came time for Rebecca’s funeral This is us‘series finale, the actress who played the Pearson matriarch for six seasons, thought it would be appropriate to pay her respects like everyone else.

That Mandy Moore made sure she was on set while Rebecca’s sendoff was filmed, she tells TVLine.

“I made an appearance. I just came in because we were making a scene later in the day, and I just wanted to be there. Some of my friends were wrapping up,” says Moore, referring to other cast members who shot their latest footage in the series that day.

Although you did not see her on camera during the proceedings, Moore was behind the scenes when Randall, Kevin and Kate and their families formally said goodbye to their beloved mother and grandmother. (Read a full summary of the episode.)

“It was really strange, very meta, to be present at someone – like your own – funeral and hear what someone would say about you,” she recalls. That said, “It was really beautiful,” she adds. “It was nice to be there. The whole cast was there.” – With reporting by Diane Gordon

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