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The Summer I Turned Pretty merch, where to buy and prices

Watching characters you’ve grown to care for on the page translate to screen is always a wonderful thing.

The time has finally come for fans of Jenny Han’s beloved novels to check out their favourites reimagined in the 2022 Amazon Prime Video series.

Also created by Jenny Han, the American coming-of-age romantic drama began streaming in June and introduced those unfamiliar with the property to Lola Tung’s portrayal of Isabel “Belly” Conklin.

She returns to her family’s annual summer vacation spot and reacquaints herself with brothers Jeremiah and Conrad, who are friends of the family. A love triangle ensues as audiences are left to contemplate which of the pair she’ll ultimately choose to stay with.

Fans of the book and newcomers alike have become thoroughly hooked, and what would a new obsession be without some merchandise? With that in mind, let’s address The Summer I Turned Pretty merch situation.

  • THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY: How old is Jeremiah?
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The Summer I Turned Pretty merch is here

There’s already a bunch of The Summer I Turned Pretty merch for fans to buy and love.

Elite Daily reports a bunch of items are selling on Amazon. We’ve compiled a list below of the items and prices. If you’re interested in checking them out, simply click through the link and get spending:

Ranked from lowest to highest (price)

  • Cousins Beach Map Tote Bag – $10
  • Cousins Beach Tote Bag – $10
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty PopSocket – $15
  • Cousins Beach Phone Case – $18
  • Daisy Throw Pillow – $20
  • The Summer I Turned Pretty Tee – $20
  • Cousins Beach Country Club Tee – $20
  • “Measured In Summers” Tee – $20
  • Whale Of A Tale Bookshop Tee – $20
  • Character Name Tee – $20
  • Infinity Necklace – $25
  • Wild Meadow Tank Mini Dress – $25
  • Wild Meadow Strappy Mini Dress – $28
  • Wild Meadow Puff Sleeve Mini Dress – $28
  • Cousins Beach Hoodie – $29

‘You have to feel like you’re doing something new’

Jenny Han recently sat down for a chat with Collider and opened up about the adaptation process:

“I approached it like, what do I think are the most important elements of the story to keep? And what do the fans care the most about? I am able to pull from all the emails, letters and comments I’ve seen over the years from fans, so that’s how we looked at this adaptation. What do the original fans care most about?”

Han also addressed that she closely considered what she herself would find the most exciting to explore and explained: “As a writer, you have to feel like you’re doing something new in a way, too. That it’s not going to be just the exact same thing, but what’s the new approach? And how do I make this feel fresh?”


The Summer I Turned Pretty | Official Trailer | Prime Video

Is it renewed for season 2?

Yes, Deadline reports the series has officially been renewed for season 2.

Fans of the books will be thrilled and will have a taste of what’s sure to come from more episodes. If you’re yet to read them, you have plenty of time! A release date has yet to be confirmed.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video.

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