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The rich pink daughter’s OOTD exceeds RM110,000 and sparks heated discussions among netizens! | Wonderful Malaysia



Cik B, who was only 15 years old, wore more than 110,000 ringgit all over his body, causing an uproar among Malaysian netizens! -Excerpt from CikB Twitter / Wonderful Malaysian Graphics-

Famous Chinese female entrepreneur “Pink Rich Wife”Datuk Vader’s daughter Cik B, Has always been a topical figure, and recently she announced on Instagram that she wore an OOTD (Outfit of the day) with a total value of more than 110,000 ringgits, which aroused heated discussions among Malaysian netizens!

Cik B, formerly named Nur Edlynn Zamileen (Nur Edlynn Zamileen), recently posted an OOTD photo on her Twitter and Instagram. Many sharp-eyed netizens saw her wearing a luxury item and asked her to announce her full-length clothing and accessories. cost.

However, Cik B did not respond to popular requests and posted a photo full of the price list, but it shocked netizens because the 15-year-old went out to dress up and the total value of her whole body was 118,460 ringgit.

The most expensive thing in her hand is the Omega Planet Ocean Diamond Bezel Watch, which is worth 85,000 ringgits, while Louis Vuitton’s bag is asking for 13,000 ringgits.

One of the netizens @nzraishk wrote: “I cried when I saw the price list.” Some netizens claimed that her bag was more expensive than the only motorcycle in the family.

Netizen @NajihaRamlee left a message saying: “Cik B, the ring on your hand is more expensive than my wedding ring!” The Gucci ring on Cik B’s price list is 5,500 ringgit, and there is also a gold ring that is 13500 Ringgit.

In addition, many netizens asked whether the rich pink wife had hired people at home, such as housekeepers, servants, security guards, or babysitters to take care of her younger brother. They were all willing to do it. Cik B’s tweet had 4,400 likes and 2,300 retweets before the deadline.


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