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The campervan bombing in Tennessee reportedly was a suicide bombing-RTHK



In the Christmas Day camper van bombing in Nashville, Tennessee, the US media quoted law enforcement officials to estimate that the incident may be a suicide bombing. According to reports, human limbs were found near the scene, and the suspect may have died. Investigators searched a two-story house on the outskirts of the city and tried to find the suspect’s mother for a DNA test. Law enforcement officials refused to disclose the name of the person involved, but US media reported that the investigation focused on a 63-year-old man named Warner. A street scene picture last year showed a white camper parked in the driveway of the house being searched. The police issued photos of the camper van driving to the scene before the incident. FBI officials said earlier that they were following up with 500 clues. So far, people from all walks of life have raised more than 300,000 US dollars to assist in the hunt. The incident occurred early local Friday morning. A campervan parked in the city center exploded within minutes of issuing a warning broadcast. Several shops and several cars were severely damaged and three people were slightly injured.

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