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Thailand’s epidemic heats up, seafood market group spreads to 38 provinces | Wonderful Malaysia



Anti-government demonstrators sold fresh shrimp in front of the Bangkok government building on Saturday in support of the hawkers at the Lung Tsai Chuo Seafood Market. -Reuters-

(Bangkok, 27th) Thailand’s 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19, commonly known as Wuhan pneumonia) epidemic continues, and a group of seafood markets in Samut Sakhon (Samut Sakhon) in central Thailand is gradually Expansion, and there are signs of spread to other places. In Rayong, eastern Thailand, 36 people have been infected. The local government listed the city centre as a red zone on Saturday.

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, since the first wave of the epidemic, Rayong City has had no cases of infection for more than 200 days, but since an infection in an underground gambling stall on the 24th, the number of cases has increased rapidly. At present, the number of infected people has accumulated to 36, and 49 people are waiting for test results.

The local government decided to list the city center as a red zone to strengthen prevention and control. Public places where all crowds can gather except supermarkets have been closed since Monday.

In addition, in Lung Tsai Cuo in central Thailand, seafood market groups are showing signs of spreading. At present, there are more than 1,500 confirmed cases in 38 provinces in Thailand, and the source can be traced to the seafood market in Samut Sakong.

As of Sunday, Thailand had newly diagnosed 121 people, including 94 local infections. Among them, 18 foreign workers belonged to the seafood market group. A total of 6,141 people were infected and 60 people died. The authorities stated that the total number of infections may rise to about 10,000 due to the expanded detection range.


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