TEEN Mom star Briana DeJesus has accused her enemy Kailyn Lowry of letting fans post her home address as their battle continues online.

The two have been feuding for years and in a nasty legal war for months, after Kail filed a defamation lawsuit against his longtime rival Bri in mid-2021.


Credit: MTV


Credit: MTV

Briana, 27, posted a cryptic message on her Instagram on Friday, apparently accusing Kailyn, 30, of letting her followers leak Bri’s address.

The mother of two wrote: “Posting my address on a fan page you control only makes things worse. Please stop.”

Bri added a screenshot of a fan post made on Kailyn’s Barely Famous podcast page, which featured the content in question.

The original poster read: “Damn! As Kail, I don’t think she can forgive Chris for testifying on Bri’s behalf and possibly giving her address.”

Teen mom Briana invites enemy's ex Kailyn to a party to celebrate her victory in court
Teen Mom Briana invites her co-stars to victory party in court amid legal victory against Kail

Another fan commented, “Briana lives like 5 minutes from me. If you want her address, just say so.”

Along with the screenshot, Bri criticized Kail, writing, “Letting your minions post my address on your social media page will cause more trouble.

“Don’t start something you can’t finish.

“Also if you really want to send me a gift, LMK. Cockroach spray won’t help, think of something better.

He then went on to warn the fan who wanted to post his address that they should “stop”.

Kailyn sued Briana for defamation last June after she claimed the star “physically hit” her baby’s father, Chris Lopez.

Briana claimed in court papers that her co-star didn’t appear in an episode of Teen Mom 2 last season because she didn’t want to talk about the arrest, which was later dropped on camera.

Kailyn replied that she refused to film because she wanted to keep a romantic relationship private.

In Kail’s initial complaint against Briana filed in June, her legal team claimed that her co-star’s comments are false and made “for the purpose of causing Lowry harm.”

The court documents continued: “The defendant used Lowry to gain more media attention for herself.”

Kailyn then entered into their long-running feud in court papers filed last June 25, which began when Briana joined Teen Mom 2 in 2017.

Kailyn claimed that Briana “has a history of making false public statements about Lowry’s family life,” including when allegedly responding to a Twitter user “[Lowry] gets beat up by Chris in front of his kids.”

The lawsuit recently came to an end after Briana requested that the case be dismissed and the judge agreed.

Now, Briana has committed to fighting Kailyn after her court battle earned her $120,000 in legal fees.

As such, Kailyn hired a high-profile attorney after her nemesis Briana demanded that she pay her legal bills.

The Sun can exclusively reveal that the battle is not over yet, as Kailyn filed a notice to appear for new lead attorney Christopher A. Aguirre of the Trembly Law Firm located in Miami, Florida.

Nicole Haff, based in New York, is no longer listed as the lead attorney in the court docket.

Briana’s lawyer, Marc Randazza, told The Sun: “The anti-slapp law gives us the right to seek attorneys’ fees, and we intend to get Ms. Soto every penny to which she is entitled.”

Marc is not worried about the change of lawyer, as he told The Sun: “I anticipate an amicable resolution. I think the war is over.”

Kailyn revealed on former Bachelor star Nick Viall’s The Viall Files podcast how much she owes her lawyers in the legal war.

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She said: “I lost. Well, it was discarded. I didn’t lose. It was a waste of $200,000, but you live and learn.

“Actually, I don’t regret it because I stood up for myself. I felt like I was taking too much and I stood up for myself. So ultimately, at least that’s what I got.”


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Credit: Instagram/Briana DeJesus

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