KYLIE Jenner’s pregnant nemesis Tammy Hembrow has shown off her bare midriff in a new video as her due date approaches.

The two ex-best friends were upset when Tammy accused Kylie of “stealing” the wolf name before renaming her newborn.


Kylie Jenner’s nemesis Tammy Hembrow posted more photos of her bare midriff as her baby’s due date approaches.Credit: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow
Tammy posted several photos of her pregnant belly last night on Instagram


Tammy posted several photos of her pregnant belly last night on InstagramCredit: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow

Last night, Tammy took to her Instagram to show off her huge baby bump as she is soon expecting a baby girl.

Tammy, 28, posed on her bed in just her underwear and her tank top pulled up over her protruding belly.

He took a snapshot of the view of her stomach and captioned the photo: “She wants out.”

Tammy posted two additional photos to her Instagram Story, one of her belly as she lay on her side and the other a selfie while holding a peace sign.

Kylie's nemesis Tammy looks like she's about to burst as she shows off her baby bump
Kylie's pregnant rival Tammy Hembrow poses NUDE in just a thin white sheet

She captioned the afterimage: “Friday night party in my womb.”


The feud started when Kylie, 24, announced that she named her newborn son Wolf, which also happened to be the name of Tammy’s six-year-old boy.

Kylie later announced that she decided to change Wolf’s name saying it “just didn’t suit her”, though she hasn’t yet told fans why she changed it.

Some fans thought that she had changed her name due to the fallout with Tammy.

Tammy subtly mentioned her former best friend’s choice of name in an Instagram post where she posed with her oldest son.

The Australian model wrapped one arm around Wolf and the other over his baby bump as the two gazed into each other’s eyes, smiling.

She simply captioned the shot with a nod to her eldest son’s name: “My wolf.”

Tammy is also the mother of her daughter Saskia with her ex-fiancé Reece Hawkins, whom she broke up with in June 2018.

Kylie fans thought her caption might have been a dig at the reality star choosing the same name for her second child.

One person commented on the post: “The OG wolf.”

While another echoed the statement, writing: “Lol period you were the first!”

Following a slew of people who acknowledged possible inspiration for Kylie’s baby name, someone else added, “Glad I’m not the only one who quickly made the connection and landed on Tammy’s page.”

stormy skies

Although the shadow of social networks did not stop there.

Tammy’s sharp-eyed fans saw more shade being cast in the comments of a TikTok post that followed.

One user responded to Tammy’s post about her pregnancy, writing, “Just know you’re calling your baby Bently!”

Tammy was quick to respond though, saying, “Actually, I like the name Stormi right now.”

A fan saw the comments and reposted the screenshot in a thread on Reddit.

The user captioned their thread: “Tammy Hembrow throwing shade at Kylie.”

Someone responded: “Not grown women with children fighting over baby names.”

A second wrote: “So petty. Seriously, Wolf isn’t such a particularly special name, there are other people who go by that name.”

A third fan chimed in to explain, “She’s petty because she told Kylie about the idea of ​​naming a child Stormi. Then Kylie got pregnant before her and stole the idea and then the same with Wolf.”

A fourth fan voiced their opinion, writing, “You can’t 100% claim a name. I’m sorry. Women can be so petty!”

However, a fifth simply called the scuffle “How childish.”


Kylie and Tammy’s friendship began in the late 2010s.

Tammy got to know the Kardashian family well through Khloé Kardashian.

Throughout 2018, the Instagram fitness guru appeared in campaigns for Khloé’s Good American clothing line.

In August of that year, she attended Kylie’s 21st birthday party and was wheeled out at the end of the night.

In October 2019, rumors surfaced online about an alleged affair between Tammy and Kylie’s ex-boyfriend Tyga.

The reports were the result of fans claiming that Tyga yelled at Tammy in a guest verse on Ambjaay’s Uno remix.

In his lyrics, Tyga mentioned a girl named Tammy, unconfirmed to be Hembrow, and rapped about their X-rated encounter in the parking lot of an In N Out Burger.

Although the rapper did not confirm that she was the Kardashian-Jenner friend in question, Tammy verified that she is the woman featured in the verse.

On her podcast, Hanging With The Hembrows, she went into detail about how Tyga previewed the song for her before it was released and that he gave the Young Money rapper permission to name it.

The fitness influencer said on her podcast: “She’s not putting me down at all, but it’s also just a song.

“People are so crazy! Do you really take rappers’ songs so literally?”

She added: “He’s just a friend of mine and I feel like this is so blown out of proportion and crazy. People are just ridiculous.”

“I heard it before it came out and I’m literally just his friend.”

“I’ve been to a bunch of his shows and I’m friends with people that he’s friends with.”

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Earlier that year, the two were seen together on numerous occasions while Tyga was on tour in Australia.

Despite Tammy denying an affair with Tyga, Kylie unfollowed her on social media.

Kylie and Tammy got into a fight because fans thought Tammy accused Kylie of stealing her son's Wolf name for their new baby.


Kylie and Tammy got into a fight because fans thought Tammy accused Kylie of stealing her son’s Wolf name for their new baby.Credit: Getty
Fans thought Kylie changed her newborn's name because of her fight with Tammy


Fans thought Kylie changed her newborn’s name because of her fight with TammyCredit: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow
Tammy then threw shade into some TikTok comments when she threatened to name her new baby girl Stormi.


Tammy then threw shade into some TikTok comments when she threatened to name her new baby girl Stormi.Credit: Instagram/Tammy Hembrow

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