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Taiwan closes the pro-China media Zhongtian News Channel for the first time and fails to renew its license | Wonderful Malaysia



There are opinions in Taiwan that some media on the island have mainland Chinese funds behind them, which are so-called “red media.” -Reuters-

(Taipei 18th) Taiwan’s National Communications Commission (NCC) passed all 7-0 on Wednesday (18th), vetoing the pro-China media “Zhongtian News Channel” (CTi) to renew the license, and the Zhongtian News Channel will set a record in Taiwan’s history. The first news station closed.

Zhongtian News Channel is a news station under the Taiwan Want Want Zhongshi Media Group Zhongtian TV. The license is for 6 years and will expire on December 11 this year.

It is understood that in accordance with Taiwan’s “Satellite Broadcasting and Television Act”, television licenses must be changed every six years, and television stations must apply to the NCC for review. After the NCC receives the application, it will be first reviewed by the external advisory committee and then reviewed by 7 NCC members.

According to Taiwanese media reports, the NCC discussed the case of changing the license for Zhongtian News on Wednesday, and the 7 committee members unanimously decided not to change the license.

NCC Chairman Chen Yaoxiang stated at the press conference that this resolution did not involve any political power. Zhongtian News had serious violations of regulations. Major shareholders directly or indirectly intervened in news production and broadcast, reflecting the failure of internal control and self-discipline mechanisms, so the application for license replacement was rejected.

He said that this is also the first channel that does not change the license since NCC was established in 2006.

Chen Yaoxiang said that the reason for the rejection was that the Zhongtian News Channel’s illegal evidence was very clear, including serious violation records. The number of complaints from the public has increased sharply since 2007, accounting for 30% of the total cases accepted.

The second is the failure of the internal control mechanism and the failure of the self-discipline mechanism. For example, in 2018, there was no news director for 5 months, and the number of complaints was the first time news channels.

Chen Yaoxiang also mentioned that according to the results of previous hearings, investigation evidence and public reports have found that Zhongtian News has a major shareholder Cai Yanming (Chairman of Want Want Group) to intervene to control news production and broadcasting.

Zhongtian: NCC completes political mission

He emphasized that the review of the new license is definitely not just a formal review. He also wants to tell all the big bosses of the consortium who want to buy media: to respect the professional autonomy of journalism and keep a proper distance from the news.

In response to the NCC’s dismissal of the license replacement case, Zhongtian issued a statement stating that today is the “darkest day for freedom of the press and freedom of speech” in Taiwan over the past 30 years since the lifting of martial law.

Zhongtian said that in May this year, the Presidential Palace was hacked and alleged that NCC members Wang Weijing and Lin Liyun would “cooperate with Zhongtian”. Now the NCC has reached a political task assigned by the government’s senior officials. “Everyone knows that the Tsai Ing-wen government is closing down. The Sky News told Zhongtian to shut up; President Su Zhenchang wanted to shut Zhongtian because Zhongtian bit him for the theft of NT$1.8 million but did not report the crime.”

Zhongtian believes that this is a political ruling and a political ruling. “It also proclaims that the era of utterance in Taiwan is coming. It is the darkest day of Taiwan’s democracy since the lifting of the martial law. Taiwan has embarked on a dictatorship.”

Zhongtian stated that according to the NCC’s two major reasons for shutting down Zhongtian, including a large number of complaints and penalties, and the intervention of major shareholders, “In fact, the NCC simply ignores the factors of political manipulation, and it is also ignorant of disseminating theory and practice. The current standard should shut down all Taiwan news channels.”

The Zhongtian News Channel’s license replacement case has caused great controversy in Taiwanese society. Many green camp politicians and pro-green associations oppose the renewal of the Zhongtian News Channel’s license, believing that it has funds from mainland China behind it, which is the so-called “red media.”

Those who agree with the change of photos of the Zhongtian News Station believe that press freedom should be 100% freedom, and the government cannot “close the station” because the government does not like a particular voice.


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