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Supportive initiatives to revitalize yoga in the Kingdom

The Saudi Yoga Committee has announced a number of supportive initiatives with the aim of supporting and developing the sport of yoga in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

On June 21, coinciding with the celebration of International Yoga Day, and in cooperation with the Ministry of Sports, the committee launched its own page on the “Nafis” platform to encourage investment in the field of yoga, whose market share around the world is $88 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach $215 billion by 2025. By opening gyms, academies and institutes for the rehabilitation of yoga instructors, which facilitate the work of investors by clarifying all requirements and quickly issuing licenses for yoga halls and centers.

The head of the Saudi Yoga Committee, Nouf Al-Marouei, confirmed that the committee aims to increase the number of yoga centers and gyms in all cities of the Kingdom in order to facilitate access to them and practice this sport for many members of society, as these services and centers are currently stationed in the main cities only, noting in this regard the demand for The great on the sport of yoga in various regions of the Kingdom.

As part of its initiatives to support sports, the Saudi Yoga Committee, on the occasion of the International Yoga Day, launched a professional yoga competition, the first of its kind in the Kingdom, which aims to create a base for professionals of this sport in the Kingdom to expand the concept of its championships and competitions. The Saudi Yoga Committee cooperated with international bodies such as the Asian Professional Yoga Federation and the International Yoga Federation. Professionalism to hold tournaments at the local, regional and international levels alike.

The Saudi Yoga Committee also participated in the ceremony of the Indian Embassy within the celebrations of the International Day of Yoga. In addition, the Committee began its celebrations since March 2022 by responding to the invitation of the Morarji Desai National Yoga Center under the supervision of the Indian Ministry of Yoga to join the campaign for the 100-day countdown to the International Day of Yoga. Workshops and virtual scientific lectures on yoga.

The Saudi Yoga Committee also participated in the Virtual International Championship for Professional Yoga organized by the International Council of Yoga in cooperation with the International Federation for Professional Yoga and the Asian Federation for Professional Yoga; To celebrate International Yoga Day.

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