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SpaceX’s interstellar spacecraft exploded during test flight and landing



The interplanetary rocket developed by SpaceX, a US private space exploration technology company, flew for the second time and exploded during landing. Chief Executive Musk described the test as a success. Although the explosion occurred in the final stage, the company obtained all the data it needed. The 16-story interplanetary rocket is a heavy-duty rocket used to carry humans and 100 tons of cargo for future missions to the moon and Mars. During the local test fire in Texas on Wednesday, the rocket was originally planned to fly to an altitude of approximately 12,500 meters and then land. SpaceX has not determined whether the rocket will reach a predetermined altitude after lift-off. Musk said that the rocket fuel tank pressure was too low during the landing, which caused the landing speed to be too fast. The interstellar spacecraft rocket flew for the first time a few days ago, and the engine had a problem. The lift-off mission was automatically terminated 1 second before takeoff.

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