From the moment the advertising slogan “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” was born in 2003, everyone understood that it was not so much a hard rule as it was product of wishful thinking. If you have not learned this through personal experience, you have definitely learned it while watching that awful Ashton Kutcher / Cameron Diaz movie. And if you did not learn it from that movie, you have definitely learned watching it Southern Charm Season 8 premieres on Bravo.

While most of the action on Southern Charm takes place in Charleston, South Carolina, a couple of cast members met in Sin City in the early summer of 2021 (unfortunately no Bravo cameras were present). Longtime Charmer Craig Conover was in Las Vegas to celebrate a friend’s bachelor party, new Charmer Leva Bonaparte was there with some friends, and Craig’s ex (and returning cast member) Naomie Olindo was there as well. Naomie had recently gone through a mortifying breakup with her cheating, controlling ex Metul Shah, and Craig also found himself single in a narrow window of time between breaking up with Natalie Hegnauer and becoming an Instagram official with Paige DeSorbo. So what happens when two very attractive, very single and very random exes both find themselves in the City of Sin at the same time? We let you fill in the blanks.

So, yes, one of the bombshells we learn early on Southern Charm Season 8 Episode 1 is that Craig and Naomie hook up (!!) in Vegas. Although we did not push Craig or Naomie for the spooky funny play – we wanted DEFINITY, but we are not monsters! – we asked Craig and his compatriot Shep Rose to elaborate a bit on the scenario when the duo visited Decider HQ in New York City earlier this week.


Talk about a Vegas Vacation! (Move over Chevy Chase.) Find out all this dynamic duo has to say about this dalliance in our video above.

New episodes of Southern Charm air every Thursday at 9 / 8c.

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