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After a terribly long dismissal, Southern Charm Season 8 started last night with some serious fireworks. Craig and Naomie recreate their old flame? Control. Austen romance a new honey? Control. And Kathryn stormed out of her OWN 30th birthday party after she all came to Naomie’s grill, telling her she’s a “damn little bitch”? DAMN, I MISSED THIS SHOW!

In the days leading up to the season 8 premiere of Southern Charm, Decider got some 1-on-1 time with both Leva Bonaparte and Naomie Olindo, and you KNEW we both asked her about this explosive moment. Here are some excerpts from our interviews with each of them about this blowup.



DECIDER: It seems that both you and Naomie approached Kathryn’s original invitation to her 30th birthday party “Great Katsby” like an olive branch, but it soon went south, so to speak. Did that surprise you? Or did you feel that something was brewing?

LEVA BONAPARTE: No. That, I was firmly against Naomie, “It’s going well. Everything is in order.” I felt really bad that it was going south because I had really convinced her that like, “No, I had dinner with Kathryne. I feel like she’s changed. And I feel like this is all going well.” But I just did not realize how deeply rooted the flesh was between the two of them, perhaps. I do not know, I was just like, “Oh, my God, I can cut the tension here with a knife. What should I do? Oh, let’s go here and smile.” As if I were just a hostess, like trying to make it beautiful. And like, “It’s good. It’s good. We’ll have a nice night.”

It also made me sad, and I was very taken by surprise. I think I was, somewhere else [when it went down]. And I heard Kathryn cry and I was like, “what’s going on?”

That I would ask. Like, you were there and everything was as copasetic. And then it seemed like you were gone for a minute, tops. And things just went..BAM! Like, where are you going?

Dude, I went to grab my purse and then as I walked by, “BAHHHHH! [imitates screaming]And I was like, “What in the world?” It was like literally the most polite, nice conversation when I left. And I did not even know what happened. And then Naomie storms away. People are screaming and screaming. And I was like, “What?” So typical of us, but I do not know why I thought that night would be easy and fun. [laughs]

You know, Naomie said something really clever and pointed at that confrontation. She told Kathryn, “I do not like the way you fight.” Do you have that kind of sense about how Kathryn approaches conflict?

Mmmmmmm [knowingly nods]. I think that ultimately is the biggest problem Kathryn has, you know. I think it’s just the way they fight. She’s just getting like that … it’s just going off the rails and I’ve actually been trying to help her with that, you know, this year. When you finally see it, I really tried to be like: “Focus on your feelings. Less like, insults. More about what you feel. Less’ Fuck you ‘, more’ Hey, I’m hurt ‘or’ This is how I feel.And listen, we all wrestle with different things.And I think Naomie has a temper too, just like me.

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DECIDER: Do you feel like Kathryn was apologizing to you when she invited you to her party? What was what went through your mind?

NAOMIE OLINDO: I mean, I was … I was really surprised. That I probably should have seen [fight] come because Kathyrn has patterns. And this is one of their patterns. That I should have known. And I knew going in was probably not the best idea. It would not unpack me super well. I did not know how bad it would get. But yeah, I mean, these are things that as we know about Kathryn and so, it was … I was surprised, but not so surprised.

Have you seen the episode yet?

Not everything, no.

Well, I thought one thing was somewhat interesting that she spelled your name incorrectly in her phone.

I mean, again, not surprisingly.

At the end of the episode, Kathryn kind of gets everything up in your grill. And you said something that I thought was really insightful, especially in the heat of the moment. You said to her, “I do not like the way you fight.” Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by that?

Yes. You make me think of my therapist. [laughs] It’s like, “Can you please describe what it is you are feeling and thinking right now?” [laughs]

So yes, this is something I did not like about myself in previous seasons. And I think everyone got to see, you know, the way I would fight Craig. And looking back … it was really hard to look back. The show makes you very aware of things you may not have known before. And I realized I did not like the way I fight. So, I would say things to him there and then and that were not untrue, but the message would be lost in the delivery. Thus, it is impossible to communicate with anyone. I mean, I still remember Kathryn had drunk a ton, and I had drunk too. And it’s not the time or the place to have this as a super loud fight. And I think sometimes when people know they’m wrong, they’ll double up a little bit and become more aggressive. And that’s what happened, but it escalated, as very quickly. Yes.


She also fights like, really physically. I mean, not with claps or anything, but she’s tall. She is physically impressive, and she really uses her stature to intimidate.

Yes, exactly. She uses her body to kind of get in people’s faces. And it can be very difficult, you know? And that’s as clear as she’s always done. But yeah, I did not like it.

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