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South Korea will vaccinate healthcare and the elderly with the new crown vaccine from February next year-RTHK



From February next year, South Korea will give priority to the new coronavirus vaccine for medical staff and the elderly. Presidential Secretary-General Lu Yingmin said that sufficient vaccines have been secured, and vaccination will start in February next year. The general public will start the injection in the second quarter of next year. He predicted that the time for South Korea to develop herd immunity will be similar to or faster than other countries. South Korea added 970 new pneumonia confirmed cases today. Three days later, the number of confirmed cases in a single day dropped to less than 1,000, which is believed to be related to the lower number of tests caused by the Christmas holiday. The government held a meeting in the afternoon to decide whether to raise the level of epidemic prevention in the metropolitan area to the highest third level. A total of 56,872 people were diagnosed in South Korea and 808 died.

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