six years war

EXACTLY six years ago we woke up to a new Britain.

Against all odds, a majority of 17.4 million had chosen to leave the EU in search of a new destination. We all know what happened next.


Brexit supporters celebrate after Boris Johnson succeeded despite a Parliament packed with Remain supporters trying to thwart the referendum result.Credit: EPA

A parliament packed with Remain supporters paralyzed politics to thwart the referendum result. Shrewd MPs like Keir Starmer pretended to respect it but, in collusion with Brussels, fought to overturn it.

His incredibly dangerous plot was only thwarted, and Brexit completed, by Boris Johnson’s resounding election victory in 2019. Since then, almost all of Remoaner’s predictions have fallen apart.

Trade deals were struck quickly with the EU and dozens of major nations, and more are to come. Our independence allowed us to launch Covid jabs and reopen the economy much faster than Brussels.

The sky never fell. Our growth is poor, but so is the EU’s. Our current problems are almost entirely due to Covid and war, which affect virtually every nation.

Pessimistic Remainer elites are 'preventing Britain from reaping the benefits of Brexit'
Brexit dispute erupts as EU SUES Britain for breaking Northern Ireland deal

There is unfinished business in Northern Ireland. We must loosen the grip of the ECHR, just as we freed ourselves from the EU.

And let’s also say that unless the Conservatives rapidly cut the taxes and red tape of the EU era, they cannot remotely claim to have maximized the potential of Brexit.

But The Sun never promised that this vast national reboot would be easy in the short term. So when the Remoaners conjure up stats that purport to show us worse off than if we had stayed, what’s the point?

Why waste energy mocking? To prove that they were “right”? To give a future Labor government its excuse to rejoin?

That debate ended six years ago today.

How about instead helping to make a united and independent Britain the global success we know it can be?

hole finders

It was always cowardice on the part of the Tories to give in to the false propaganda of the ecological lobby about the supposed dangers of fracking.

A poll found that 44% of voters want the fracking ban lifted


A poll found that 44% of voters want the fracking ban liftedCredit: AFP

The “tremors” are tiny, the risks of contamination are minimal. So if experts next week confirm it’s safe, the government shouldn’t hesitate to give it the go-ahead.

UK shale gas can be vital to our energy security and price stability.

Germans trust Putin to heat their homes. Look how that has developed.

awake awake

The new rise in intolerance of awakened students towards opinions they don’t like is terrifying.

Nearly a third of college students demand the right to interrupt or stop an unpleasant event


Nearly a third of college students demand the right to interrupt or stop an unpleasant eventCredit: Alamy

Universities are destined to organize a contest of ideas. Instead, most college students prefer to ban dissenting opinions.

Nearly a third demand the right to interrupt or stop an unpleasant event.

How about just “don’t go”?

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It’s not entirely your fault. His teachers are almost all on the left, too, often young enough to have learned the monstrous evil of any right-wing point of view from Jeremy Corbyn.

If the Tories don’t fix this, no one will. Certainly not the Work, which benefits from it.

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