The shocking moment a couple they desperately tried to escape a tornado before they were caught by the winds was captured on video this weekend.

The couple was driving through a storm in Michigan that destroyed homes and killed two people.


Dramatic video shows couple caught in fast-moving tornado in MichiganCredit: Dawn Grubaugh via Storyful
A person cleaning items after the Michigan tornado.


A person cleaning items after the Michigan tornado.Credit: AP

Tornadoes are so rare in the northern Michigan city of Gaylord that the city does not have a siren system to warn people of dangerous weather.

“” In the state of Michigan, in general, we usually have an average of about 15 (a year) and more of them are in the south of the state than in the north. It’s pretty unusual,” John Boris, a science and operations officer, told NPR.

However, residents with a cell phone received a “code red” warning a few minutes before the tornado hit.

The unidentified woman recorded the extreme weather conditions as the tornado headed for her car.

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She is heard saying “I don’t know what to do” and “Oh my God” as she and her partner tried to escape the fast-moving winds and navigate through the flying debris.

At one point, the woman was heard crying and saying “Oh God, it’s hitting us” as the tornado swirled around her outside.

The couple stopped and took shelter in a car wash to wait out the wind, reported USA Today.

Last week saw deadly weather conditions across the United States.

The tornado, which touched down in Michigan on Friday, killed two and injured at least 44 others. The tornado had winds of up to 140 mph that damaged the community.

“There have been trailers picked up and dumped on top of each other. Just a very large debris field,” Otsego County Fire Chief Chris Martin told NPR.

One resident, Steve Wisniewski, said his mother, Betty Wisniewski’s house, was badly damaged by the tornado, but luckily she was uninjured.

Gaylord Police Chief Frank Claeys told NPR that first responders had a difficult time getting around the tornado at first.

“We were looking in places where we knew the occupants. We called them by name,” Claeys told NPR.

After the tornado, more than 14,000 people were left without power and by Saturday morning that number dropped to 4,700 as reported by MLive.

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued a state of emergency for Otsego County.

On Monday, the small town of Morton, Texas, also endured a tornado, with winds reaching 70 mph.

No injuries or deaths were reported from that weather event.

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People were instructed to seek shelter in a basement or on the lowest floor of a solid building.

Chad Casey, a storm chaser, recorded the tornado, describing it as an “absolute monster.”

The tornado quickly moved towards the couple.


The tornado quickly moved towards the couple.Credit: Dawn Grubaugh via Storyful

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