An Italian woman refused to visit the doctor despite the pain, for fear of infection with the new Corona virus, only to find herself diagnosed with cancer.
Today, Thursday, doctors at the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, Italy, found a “huge” tumor in the abdomen of the 64-year-old woman.
Surgeons removed from the woman’s abdomen, a lump measuring 70 centimeters in diameter and weighing 20 kilograms.
“The patient was very afraid of Covid,” said Giovanni Fenarici, the hospital’s chief surgeon. Therefore, she avoided all examinations, despite the appearance of symptoms on her.
“Over the course of months, the tumor increased more and more in size, until the woman finally convinced herself to visit a gynecologist,” Fenarichi added, as the diagnosis revealed her cancer.
The operation was successful, and the patient returned home with her family, according to the hospital. “Everything was done in the best possible way,” Fenarichi said.