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Pop singer Heintje: He mourns mother Johanna: “She probably died with Corona, but not from Corona”



Pop singer Heintje: He mourns mother Johanna:

This farewell is particularly difficult for him! Hein Simons (65) alias Heintje dedicated the hit “Mama” to his mother Johanna in 1967. Now, according to the “Bild” newspaper, she should have died at the proud age of 86. A sad moment for the pop singer!

The former child star was already worried about his beloved mother in May, who lived near his horse farm in Belgium until the end. Due to the Corona crisis, Johanna was particularly at risk as she suffered from several previous illnesses. Like her son, the sprightly pensioner had a weak heart and had already survived a pulmonary embolism in the past.

Heintje’s mother tested positive for the coronavirus

In an emotional conversation with the “Bild” newspaper, pop star Heintje revealed what his mother might have died of: “The doctors found Corona. She died with Corona, but not Corona. In the end, her heart was probably just too weak.” In May, the 65-year-old told “Bild”: “When I visit mom at the moment, I don’t even go into her house. It’s hard for me not to be able to hug her.”

A difficult situation that also afflicted Johanna! Despite all precautionary measures, she fell ill with corona and, among other things, had to struggle with water in her lungs. She then had to be treated in the hospital for several weeks and finally in the intensive care unit. Visit from Heintje? Strictly prohibited!

Heintje had to say goodbye in a protective suit and mask

Just hours before the death of the 86-year-old, the musician received a special permit and was allowed to visit his mother. With a protective suit and a mask, Heintje could finally say goodbye. In the “Bild” interview he recently said with tears: “Corona was the drop that broke the barrel.”

In the video below, a psychologist shares tips on how best to help bereaved people cope with their grief.

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