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People reckon we’ve been using straws all wrong… but it sparks a heated debate

PEOPLE are wondering if they’ve been using straws the wrong way all these years, and it’s become an online debate.

One person uploaded a photo of a juice carton and claimed that the bent part of the straw should be at the BOTTOM instead of sticking out the top.


A heated debate has erupted over the correct way to use a strawCredit: Facebook

They wrote: “My life has been a lie.”

Once the image was shared on Twitter, it sparked a heated debate about the correct form.

Some people said that putting the flexible part inside can help get juice out of the corners.

However, others insisted that the usual way is obviously correct.

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One person said, “I’ve been doing it wrong every year.”

Another added: “Well I never!!!!!”

And a third wrote: “It actually makes sense as you have to tilt it to the side to get the ultimate.”

However, many responded, with one saying, “If you’re struggling to drink like in the first picture, I think you need to reevaluate your life.”

A second continued: “Then why is the slot at the bottom?”

And one wrote: “Total bull, you just tilt the box and move the straw to the corner.”

So which method works for you?

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