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Our council flat was invaded by 30k vicious BEES – we’re terrified

30,000 ferocious bees that live in the walls have invaded the homes of the RESIDENTS of an officially protected development.

The noisy swarms of “untouchable” bees have caused misery for tenants who say they are exhausted from living next to the four huge colonies.


A plague of 30,000 bees terrifies the residents of a block of flats belonging to the City CouncilCredit: Hyde News & Pictures
The terrifying bees have returned for the fourth year in a row and they can't move


The terrifying bees have returned for the fourth year in a row and they can’t moveCredit: Hyde News & Pictures
Bees are in danger of extinction and cannot be exterminated.


Bees are in danger of extinction and cannot be exterminated.Credit: Alamy

The residents of Doune House in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, live in a state of fear of being stung.

Every time they open their windows, hundreds of bees invade, while a dense carpet of the creatures sometimes covers the floor of the common areas.

A colony of bees has established itself by the communal gates, terrifying people as they come and go.

Chaos at the police station when the building is invaded by THOUSANDS of bees
Terror when a swarm of 15,000 bees filled a residential street and covered a wall in 15 minutes

Meanwhile, thousands more live in the cavities in the walls, keeping residents awake at night with their loud buzzing.

The nests are so high up on the third floor that no beekeeper can reach them to relocate them.

And bees are endangered, which means they can’t be destroyed.

The terrifying colonies have returned to Duone House every year for the last four years and residents describe it as living in a nightmare.

Kayley Harding, 30, said: “Year after year the bees come back and this year there are three hives.”

She added: “Milton Keynes Council will not do anything because they are honey bees and it costs too much money to remove them.

“They’re too tall for beekeepers to collect, so we’re stuck with them. It’s horrible.”

Kayley’s neighbor, Kerry Knibbs, is allergic to bee stings and constantly carries an EpiPen with him.

Last year she was stung and had to be rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

Milton Keynes Council has agreed to temporarily relocate Kerry and her two young daughters, aged four and ten.

Kayley said: “Bees are life threatening. My own daughter has special needs as well as serious skin conditions. She is terrified of them.”

“This is just the beginning of the bees for summer. We have to keep the windows closed all the time and in this heat it’s deadly.”

The flats have a community garden, but it’s full of bees, which means kids can’t play there, says Kayley.

“It’s not fair that my neighbors and I have to spend this year and another year…

“If the council can’t move the bees, they need to convert these flats into a bee house and move us residents.

“It’s just not fair that we should be expected to live like this. We know honey bees are important, but they are seriously ruining our lives on these floors.”

A beekeeper visited the site and confirmed that there were an estimated total of 30,000 bees. All colonies are too high to move, he said.

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“He also said that even if all the bees died, more would come back and we’d have the same problem again in no time,” Kerry said.

A Milton Keynes Council spokesman said: “We are aware of the problem and are looking for solutions to resolve it.”

The bees live in wall cavities where their buzzing keeps residents awake.


The bees live in wall cavities where their buzzing keeps residents awake.Credit: Hyde News & Pictures

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