A woman was upset by her sister’s actions after her sister got engaged right after her.

As a result, she booked the same wedding venue as her sister out of spite.


A woman took to Reddit to detail the revenge she got on her sister just before her sister’s wedding.Credit: Getty
The woman booked the same wedding venue as her sister out of spite


The woman booked the same wedding venue as her sister out of spiteCredit: Getty

According to The Daily Star, in a Reddit post wanting to know if she was wrong, the irritated woman posted about how she and her sister don’t get along.

She wrote: “I can be honest and admit that she is so much prettier than me, and that is something she never lets me forget.

“My parents are quite shallow and have always given her the best and put her first.

“This has left me quite bitter and distant from my family.”

Things took a turn for the worse when the woman announced that she was getting married and her more favored sister also got engaged right after.

The real problem occurred when the sister who always got what she wanted booked her dream wedding venue.

The upset woman explained: “It was sentimental for me (my grandparents got married there).

“I talked about wanting to get married there since high school when I was just daydreaming.”

However, when she raised the issue with her parents, they did not take her side and apparently told her to stop being mean.

Seeking revenge, she decided to take matters into her own hands and booked the same wedding venue as her sister, a month before her sister’s wedding day.

The woman said: “I checked with the venue and there is no way my sister can move the wedding up (they are fully booked) and if you change venues you will lose your deposit.”

Without siding with her, the woman’s family told her to call her sister, as her sister was upset by the events.

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