SOMETIMES having your partner share the housework with you can seem like a job in itself.

However, a mother has managed to find the trick so that her partner helps more.


A TikTok user has revealed a trick for her partner to change the toilet paperCredit: Tiktok/@carinabesteiros
She uses a £10 note to help cheer him up.


She uses a £10 note to help cheer him up.Credit: Tiktok/@carinabesteiros

And there is one place, which many Brits will recognize, where your partner struggles to get the job done: changing the bathroom after it’s finished.

Demonstrating how it’s done in the video, shared with her 36,200 followers, the mum writes: “I put down £10 to see if my partner will change the roll of toilet paper when it runs out.”

She then shows herself wrapping a £10 note around the stand, before placing the roll of toilet paper on it.

Many people took to the comments section to express their thoughts.

One wrote: “I had housemates who would take the ten and still not replace the roll.”

Another person added: “Good way to check. He is going to be rich.

While a third praised her writing, “Genius.”

However, someone else added how their partner could get around the trick.

She leaves it under the toilet paper roll


She leaves it under the toilet paper rollCredit: Tiktok/@carinabesteiros

He wrote: “You should find it right away, once you turn the roll upside down.”

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And another person could relate to the same sentiment, but said the trick won’t work with their partner.

She wrote: “Not a chance, could be there for years.”

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