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Michael Slater hospitalized for mental health assessment following his arrest for breaching bail 

Former Australian batsman Michael Slater was taken to a hospital for a mental health check-up hours after he was arrested for allegedly breaching bail.

She was arrested after a 52-year-old woman from a freshwater home in Sydney asked the police to intervene over some disturbance on her premises on Thursday night.

The arresting officers took Slater to the Manly Police Station because it was suspected that he was violating his bail. He has been accused of assault, stalking and intimidation in the past, for which he had to give strict bail.

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Slater is now prohibited from assaulting, threatening, stalking, harassing or intimidating the woman. He is not allowed to have contact with or be in his company for at least 12 hours after consuming alcohol or taking illegal drugs.

A restraining order also prevents her from being within 100 meters of the woman’s home or workplace. The bail conditions also state that he is strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol or taking drugs that have not been prescribed by his doctor.

Michael Slater accused of assault in hospital three weeks ago

Michael Slater was taken to hospital in April after being dismissed by a court on the grounds of mental health issues. He was arrested in October 2021 and charged with intimidating and torturing his ex-wife. He also violated a restraining order after being accused of domestic violence.

The former cricketer was sentenced to three weeks in a mental health unit with a one-year treatment plan and did not face any jail time for his actions.

During his time at the facility, he was convicted of assault and intimidation of a man. Slater has apparently spent over 100 days in various mental health facilities and met with a number of psychiatrists as part of his treatment.

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The New South Wales-born player has represented Australia in 74 Tests and 42 ODIs. He went into broadcasting in 2001 after ending his career as a player. However, he was sacked by Channel 7 in 2021 following a tweet directed by the Australian Prime Minister.

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