Bombshell Antigoni stirs the pot as she goes on three dates (1/2)

After her arrival, Antigoni, who is the daughter of TV chef Tonia Buxton, revealed that she hadn’t had her eye on anyone in particular yet, as she feels she first needs to “meet someone in person and see their energy and vibe.” “.

This was soon put to the test, as she was allowed to choose three guys to date.

After casting Davide Sanclimenti, Dami Hope and Jay Younger, they all left the villa for their own picnics.

On her first date with Davide, he said, “I can feel that you came here for a real connection.”

Antigoni agreed, saying, “I can’t be fake, it’s impossible,” to which he replied, “Me too. I can’t fake feelings.”

His second date with Dami seemed to confirm that they were more friendly than romantic, as they spent a lot of time chatting about their new love interest, Indiyah.

However, things seemed to heat up between her and Jay when she told him that she thinks he is attracted to her.

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