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Law & Order: SVU Premiere Recap: Tick, Tick, Boom!

This one Law and order: SVU premiere recap is for the second hour of a three-way crossover involving Law & Order and Law and Order: Organized Crime. Be sure to check out our stories from Parts I and III.

The execution-style murder of a young girl on a New York City street is the horrific premise for a joint effort among the officers of Law & Order, SVU and Organized crime. The first hour of the crossover event revealed that the girl was Ukrainian and had survived the Russian invasion, only to be sex-trafficked shortly after arriving in the United States. And that lead disclosure SVU‘s Benson & Co. – as well Law & Order‘s Cosgrove and Shaw and Organized crime‘s Stabler and Bell – to a ring of very bad people doing very bad things. (For a complete overview of OCaka hour 1 of the crossover, go here.)

And now that you’re all caught up, on to SVU!

The girl Cosgrove found at the pimp’s house was called Nicole, and she is able to identify Sirenko as the man who chased Ava the day she was killed. So Stabler, Benson, Cosgrove and their colleagues raid Sirenko’s house…only to discover he’s gone and left bomb-making supplies in his garage.

They are stymied; Sirenko is not into domestic terrorism. And from what there is, they deduce that the bomb is an improvised explosive device – and a large one – intended to cause a lot of damage. But the device is gone with Sirenko, and they don’t know where he’s going. “Call your boss,” Liv tells a NYC official, “and lock down the city now.” Meanwhile, Elliot uses his CI, Vince, to contact Sirenko and draw him out.

And he is successful! Except that Sirenko the CI enters the basement of an abandoned building where a new foundation is being laid: As soon as Elliot hears this, via the CI’s hidden camera, he gives the word for the police to rush in. gunfight with Sirenko. The baddie gets away, but not before shooting Vince (who, did I mention, has a baby face and long hair like Eli?) multiple times. The young man dies as Stabler begs him to stay with him. “He was just a child”, he says to Slootmaekers.

El is so torn up about it, and so frustrated about losing Sirenko, that he almost rips apart a city official who storms in and berates the team for not knowing where the bomb is yet. But Liv holds him back, and eventually they realize that Sirenko is planning to blow up a NATO event being held at a posh Manhattan hotel. So they evacuate the building and race against time to find the device before it goes off.

Shaw finally finds the device in the garage, and begs Lt. Dixon to walk him through how to defuse it in the three minutes or so before the timer goes off. But she orders him and Cosgrove to get out, and they do – only to see Sirenko evacuate with the rest of the crowd. And Cosgrove has just put his hands on the man when the bomb goes off, knocking both Frank and Shaw to the ground…and Sirenko slipped away.

After Rollins tracks down Sirenko, he takes a hostage and enters a clothing store. But when he tries to get away from the back, Stabler punches him next week and then almost shoots him before Cosgrove steps in, warning Stabler to “make a loss.” As Sirenko is loaded into a cruiser, Frank and Elliot thank each other for pulling the other back from some very problematic use of police force.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the premiere? Rate it via the poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

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