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Kourtney Kardashian’s daughter Penelope looks grown with dark makeup in new pics

KOURTNEY Kardashian’s daughter Penelope has wowed fans with her grown-up eyeshadow look in new family photos.

The pre-teen was seen putting on heavy, bright makeup during outings with her mother, stepfather Travis Barker and other family members.


Kourtney Kardashian shared photos showing her daughter Penelope’s new adult lookCredit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian
The tween has been showing off her makeup skills online.


The tween has been showing off her makeup skills online.Credit: Instagram

Kourtney, 43, shared a series of sweet photos with fans showing off some fall fun they’ve been having.

The star gushed, “There’s something about fall, back-to-school night, bedtime, carpool mornings, tea and movies in bed, football games, pumpkins, my good morning song to wake everyone up, which makes me so happy!”

Fans, however, couldn’t focus on anything other than Penelope’s grown-up appearance.

The youngster donned deep blue eyeshadow alongside her founding mother of Poosh.

In the first group photo, Penelope pursed her lips as she posed next to a smiling Kourtney and Travis, who were leaning against a chain-link fence.

She didn’t appear to have any other makeup on in the photo, at least nothing obvious.

Penelope has been known to do her makeup boldly, much to the surprise of fans.

From time to time she shows her makeup skills online.


In August, Penelope shared a TikTok video of herself applying makeup to her face.

During the 14-second video, the tween showed her followers her morning makeup routine: layers of concealer, eyeshadow, and lip gloss.

Kourtney’s only daughter of three children with ex Scott Disick donned a headband to keep her hair out of her face and then proceeded to put on the various products, some made by members of her family.

At the end, Penelope filmed her final look, complete with her outfit of the day, as an interesting song played in the background.


It was sped up and put into a rap song, which turned out to be All Fall Down by Kanye West, Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband.

While that didn’t go unnoticed, it also didn’t go unnoticed by Penelope’s age given what she was posting.

She captioned the video, “Have a nice day,” with two smiley emojis, which was so sweet, but fans had yet to say anything.

On Reddit, one criticized: “How old is this girl, for God’s sake?”.

Another ripped: “I can’t believe I’m 10 years old and people are rooting for this.

“I have a 10-year-old son. Just no. They only have a few more years of pure innocence left before they start learning how to become adults.”

“TikTok is over 13 years old I think. This shouldn’t even be allowed.”

A third defended himself: “What he’s doing is so minimal that it doesn’t hurt anyone. I had access to eyeshadow and I looked crazy lol.”

And a fourth: “There’s nothing wrong with a little kid experimenting with makeup and stuff, but putting it out there for the world to see pisses me off…I guess I’m ‘old school.'”

Some fans seemed to think that Penelope’s song choice was a clue to the status of Kim and Kanye’s relationship.

It came shortly after the Hulu star broke off her nine-month relationship with Saturday Night Live alum Pete Davidson.

Although Penelope disabled comments on her video, that didn’t stop fans from flocking to Reddit to discuss it.

“Penelope’s Tiktok to Uncle Ye’s song,” they captioned the thread.

“Um… is that a sign?” asked a user of the platform.

“Kim and Kanye are back together. That’s it!” a Kardashian fan chimed in.

A fourth wrote: “Oh my gosh! She used her song!”

Meanwhile, other fans focus on Penelope’s bond with her father.


In early September, Scott was praised for spending time with Penelope and her cousin North West.

In one of the many photos, Scott was photographed driving the motorized boat while Penelope happily hangs on his shoulders.

While in another, the founder of Talentless was shown allowing his only daughter to be captain and take control of the helm.

Penelope was then shown sailing with North, who was staring coldly at the camera while inside his life jacket.

Later, Scott’s son Reign took a turn behind the wheel.

He is depicted operating the controls as his father carefully instructs him.

Fans flooded the comments section of the post with praise for the father and uncle.

One fan wrote: “You are such a fun dad and you can see Penelope adores you.”

“The best dad and the best uncle,” said a second while another added: “Dad of the year.”

The sentiment continued when another person commented, “You really are a great dad!”

“The best dad ever!” one praised.

Fans can't believe how grown up she's become in such a short amount of time.


Fans can’t believe how grown up she’s become in such a short amount of time.Credit: Instagram/Kourtney Kardashian
Penelope showed off her makeup routine on social media


Penelope showed off her makeup routine on social mediaCredit: TIKTOK/pandkourt
Meanwhile, fans have enjoyed seeing Penelope bond with her father, Scott Disick.


Meanwhile, fans have enjoyed seeing Penelope bond with her father, Scott Disick.Credit: INSTAGRAM/letthelordbewithyou

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