ONE JACKET has left the internet divided after people struggle to discover its true color. So which do you see, blue or grey?

It’s the argument that drove us all crazy back in 2015, when shopper Cecilia Bleasdale shared a photo of a £50 black and blue dress she was thinking of wearing to a wedding.


The jacket as it was in DepopCredit: depopdrama/Instagram
The buyer was wondering if the right jacket had been sent to him, after it arrived in red and grey.


The buyer was wondering if the right jacket had been sent to him, after it arrived in red and grey.Credit: depopdrama/Instagram

The photo generated confusion, anger and fascination, because although the dress was definitely blue and black, for many it seemed gold and white.

Even celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift entered the viral debate.

And now, a few years later, another item of clothing has left social media users divided, after a disgruntled Depop customer complained about being given a jacket.

The meeting between the seller and the fashionista was shared on the popular Instagram page, Depop Drama.

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The post, which has been liked by more than 6,000 people so far, begins with a screenshot of the chat the two had.

After thanking the seller for posting the garment so quickly, the buyer continued, “I was wondering if I was wrong because it’s blue and red in the photo.”

However, upon receiving the delivered goods, the person took a look at the jacket and realized that it is, in fact, gray and red.

The Depop salesman, whose identity has not been released, replied a few minutes later.

”No, it’s been gray and red the whole time.

”The lighting must have made it look blue, I took the photo in natural light [light] [sic]’ the person explained.

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The buyer also submitted two images: one with the jacket as it appears on the app, and a snapshot of the garment that was sent to them.

In the first photo, parts of the jacket looked baby blue, while in the next photo, it clearly looked very grey.

To find out what the public thought, Depop Drama asked in the caption, “Are these two jackets different? or the same jacket photographed with different lighting?”

Instagram users took to the comments to share their thoughts, with most believing the ad had been misleading.

One person wrote: “It’s definitely the same jacket but unless they list it as gray and red I think there’s a partial refund in play…because while you could tell it’s gray in the photo it looks more like a blue one. …which looks so much better than the medium gray they received.”

A second wrote: ”same jacket, false advertising. it definitely looks blue in the photo.”

However, there were also those who were convinced that it was not the same garment that the ad claimed.

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“A different jacket surely has to be an imitation,” someone said.

Others weren’t as concerned with the true colors of the jacket and more interested in who Kyle was, whose name is embroidered.

The seller explained why the jacket looked more red and blue in the ad.


The seller explained why the jacket looked more red and blue in the ad.Credit: depopdrama/Instagram

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