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Is Suspect based on a true story?

GET READY to kiss your Sunday nights goodbye with James Nesbitt’s new crime drama, Suspect.

The series focuses on a suspicious death and may make some viewers wonder if it is based on a true story or not.

Is the suspect based on a true story?

Suspect is an eight-part Eagle Eye Drama series and is not based on real events.

The story is completely fictional and has been written for television.

Suspicious begins at 9pm on Sunday (June 19, 2022) on Channel 4.

You can also watch the entire series online at All 4.


James Nesbitt premieres his new drama SuspectCredit: Channel 4

Who wrote Suspect and is it based on a book?

Suspect is an adaptation of the original Danish series Forhøret by Christoffer Boe and Miso Film, and is not based on a book.

The show follows veteran detective Danny Frater (James Nesbitt), who shows up at a hospital morgue for what he believes is a routine ID check on the body of a young woman, but is dealt a devastating shock when the corpse turns out to be his estranged daughter. , Christina.

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Danny is traumatized by the news that according to the autopsy report, she has taken her own life.

They had a complicated father-daughter relationship over the years, but he refuses to accept that she had taken her own life.

He embarks on a quest for the truth, traversing his last days and hours, on an agonizing quest to discover what really happened to his only daughter.

Who is in the cast of Suspect?

The drama’s cast features James Nesbitt as Danny, Joely Richardson as pathologist Jackie, and Anne-Marie Duff as Danny’s ex-wife Susannah.

They are joined by Richard E. Grant and Ben Miller.

Each episode will be a game of two hands between Danny and another character.

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James Nesbitt told Channel 4: “I identified with Danny, with his flaws, vulnerabilities and the devastating situation he faces, from the moment I first picked up the script.

“Each episode of Suspect is an intensely theatrical double, a psychological battle of wits between Danny and another character who may know something about his daughter’s untimely death.”

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