A judge has announced that eight members of the medical staff will be tried in Argentina for manslaughter with aggravating circumstances at the end of the investigation into the death of soccer legend Diego Armando Maradona in 2020 at the age of 60.

A San Isidro judge confirmed the trial of the eight, neurologist and family doctor Leopoldo Lucchi and psychiatrist Agostina Kosachev, as the main responsible for Maradona’s health, as well as psychotherapist Carlos Dias, medical coordinator Nancy Forlini, nursing coordinator Mariano Perrone, nurses Ricardo Almiron and Diana Madrid and clinician Pedro Pablo. de Spain. The prosecution had called for this trial last April, noting deficiencies and negligence in the care of the former star.

The Public Prosecution accuses the eight people of negligent homicide, and they face the risk of imprisonment between 8 and 25 years, explaining that they were “heroes of an unprecedented, incomplete and reckless home hospitalization” and committed “a series of improvisations, management errors and shortcomings.”

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