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I’m an elegance coach – I have 2 easy tips to look more classy at home

ACCORDING TO a woman, true elegance is a way of life that accompanies your daily behavior.

She believes that the actions she takes at home (while alone) should be taken into account when it comes to reaching higher levels of class.


An elegance coach named Paulina shares two tips she thinks women should followCredit: Tik Tok
Her advice helps women feel more stylish at home, even when spending time alone.


Her advice helps women feel more stylish at home, even when spending time alone.Credit: Tik Tok

TikToker and style coach Paulina posted a video with some tips for her viewers on TikTok.

She says: “[These are] two secrets to always look elegant at home!

His first piece of advice has to do with the clothes you choose to wear while you rest.

“[Clothes] It shouldn’t be worn or old… You want to look good at home because you spend a lot of time at home, even if you live alone.

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“For example, it can be like this… a silk kimono. You look very comfortable in this.”

“It doesn’t feel weird. It’s really flattering and it looks amazing,” she explains.

Next, Paulina highlights the importance of taking care of hair at home.

“Even when you’re at home, wear beautiful hair. Clean, fresh hairstyles,” she advises.

“Even though you’re wearing your best clothes and the best makeup, if you have dirty hair… it will ruin your appearance and elegance.

“Another secret is perfume or body mist. Please use it. At least a little on your hair… that’s all!”

Some TikTokers have responded to Paulina’s video in their comments section.

One person said: “Yes! Starting this at home has made me even more stylish/confident in public.”

“YES, especially to the first tip. That’s why I always wear robes at home, I even feel better about myself,” another person added.

Another woman wrote: “You are so right I threw out all my old tattered clothes and started combing my hair, it makes you feel SO much better and gives you an energy boost.”

“Yes! And this is so easy… Even if you have children, this is not a problem,” wrote another TikToker.

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