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I’m a refugee who had an affair with a Brit dad-of-two…now he’s dumped me I’m heading back to war-torn Ukraine

A REFUGEE who had an affair with a British father of two said she will return to Ukraine after they leave her.

Sofia Karkadym, 22, is packing her bags and returning to her war-torn home country after he rejected her latest pleas to get back together.


Sofiia Karkadym says she may have to pack up and return to Ukraine after being abandoned
Tony Garnett rejected her attempt to get back together last night


Tony Garnett rejected her attempt to get back together last night

In a phone call last night, Tony Garnett told the Ukrainian refugee that there was “absolutely no chance” that they would be a couple again, reports Mail Online.

Tony, 29, was so in love with Sofia that he left the mother of his two children, Lorna Garnett, for her.

He and Lorna had welcomed the Ukrainian into their family home just ten days earlier.

But months after the couple eloped together, Tony also left Sofia, leaving her “heartbroken”.

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It came after a fight between them reportedly saw her “stick a knife through the kitchen wall multiple times while drunk.”

Sofia has been arrested twice and was warned by the police not to contact Tony.

But he agreed to call her last night just to close the book on their whirlwind relationship for good.

The beloved refugee Sofiia said that she would not give up on Tony even though he rejects her.

She told Mail Online: “It’s a very difficult time for me because I love him so much. I can’t let him go that easily and I’m lost here with no friends or family.”

“I have told him that I will never drink again and that we could live happily together if he would give me one more chance.

“But he refuses and I don’t know what to do next.

“I may have to go back to Ukraine because I can’t live like this for long. My family wants me back.”

Tony, from Bradford, said: “I’m not cruel. I feel sorry for her. But relationships come to an end and this one is over.”

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“I spoke to her last night and told her there was absolutely no chance of us ever getting back together.

“Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. She will be much better off in the Ukraine or if she has a new relationship, good luck to her.”

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