A CUT garden requires three basic elements, and money is not one of them.

Planting dahlias, zinnias, and alstroemerias is a great first step for new gardeners.


There are three essential tips for planting a cut garden

A cut garden is planted specifically with the intention of harvesting the flowers. You will want to plant flowers that you will use to make bouquets and other arrangements.

It is important, then, to choose flowers to plant that work well together in a bouquet. Consider different scents, textures, and colors when thinking about what to plant.

It might be helpful to visit local nurseries or even browse through catalogs of various flowers and plants in different colors.

Gardens like these differ from landscaping, even other harvest gardens, in that they require different basic elements.

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But to be successful at planting a cut garden, you’ll need three basic elements: good soil, sun, and time.

In general, the soil must be well worked before the seeds can be planted.

It’s also a good idea to plant your seeds indoors near a window sill, especially if you’re in cooler weather.

Another key component to a successful cut garden is adding humus to the soil.

Humus is compost and other organic materials that cannot be broken down any further. It tends to be rich in nutrients while also retaining moisture in the soil.

The flowers must be harvested regularly to maintain the garden.

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Some will need to be cut more often than others, as frequent harvesting will help them grow faster.

Make sure you maintain your garden with the proper gardening tools.

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