Gotham Knights is not thankful to hit The CW until midseason, but it’s never too early to get a taste of the Bruce Wayne murder mystery that’s on tap.

In Gotham Knights (that has nothing to do with the video game), Bruce Wayne is dead, and in the course of his murder, his adopted son Turner Hayes (played by Oscar Morgan) is described for the crime – as are the children of some of Batman’s enemies.

In the cast video above, Oscar Morgan and Supernatural alum Misha Collins (who plays Harvey Dent) raised the issue against Turner, and why “it doesn’t look good” for Bruce’s son.

Next, Olivia Rose Keegan (Days of our lives) tells some funny teases about Duela, who was born in Arkham Asylum and abandoned by her father, while Navia Robinson (Raven’s house) talks about her role as an unlikely Batman sidekick, Carrie Kelley.

Tyler DiChiara and Fallon Smythe (proud) then give us the 411 on the Cullen and Harper Row sibling team, followed by Anna Lore (All American) and Rahart Adams (YouTube) Four) tell us a little bit about their characters, coder extraordinaire (and possibly Spoiler?) Stephanie Brown, and brash Brody.

But through all the interviews, we could not help but wonder: how exactly the Bruce Wayne dies, to start the series? Stay tuned for the full ending, where Morgan and Collins offer two possible scenarios …

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