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FIFA approves the Saudi Federation among the expert federations in VAR technology

The International Football Association (FIFA) has approved the Saudi Football Association among the expert federations in the video assistant referee (VAR) technology, after successfully applying the technology locally for the third consecutive season.

In an official letter received by the Saudi Football Federation, the International Federation praised the remarkable efforts in developing technology in Saudi stadiums, considering the Saudi Federation one of the most important federations that contributed to the development of technology and achieving its goals in the past years, and thanked the Saudi Federation for the continuous cooperation that resulted in achieving a new advancement in technology VAR.

The number of internationally accredited Saudi video technology referees reached 51, including 23 field referees and 28 assistant referees for video technology. For his part, the President of the Saudi Football Association, Yasser Al-Mishal, expressed his thanks and appreciation to all the employees of the Referees Committee and the Arbitration Department, considering the classification of the Saudi Football Association as an expert federation of video technology at the international level, as one of the outcomes of work and planning within the framework of the Saudi football strategy.

Last February, the Saudi Federation inaugurated the Unified Center for Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in the 20th round of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup and Yellow Professional League, making the Saudi Federation the seventh in the world after the English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Swiss, which The unified center for the mouse is inaugurated, and the technology has been officially approved in the Yellow Pro League, as of the second round of the ended sports season.

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