EASTENDERS fans are disgusted after Ben Mitchell lost everything after his rape ordeal.

The mechanic, played by actor Max Bowden on the ITV soap opera, was raped by Albert’s bar manager Lewis Butler earlier this week.


Ben is dumped by CallumCredit: BBC
Callum decides to end things forever.


Callum decides to end things forever.Credit: BBC

However, despite Ben’s obvious devastation, those around him are certain that he has just cheated on her husband Callum.

Jay confronted Ben, but Jay was too busy yelling at him to hear what was really going on.

However, he convinced Ben to get an STI check, and there Ben went to see Lewis to see if he had been tested recently.

There, Lewis told her how it had been months since they tried it, and she had slept with at least ten men since then.

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At the clinic, the man realized that Ben was raped, but Ben denied it and couldn’t do anything about it.

Back in the plaza, Callum ran into Lewis, laughing outside the Albert and couldn’t contain his anger.

He slammed him to the ground, just in time for Ben to reach out and pull him away from him.

Taking Callum home, he tried to convince him that it was all his fault and begged him to give him another chance.

“You just have to find a way to forgive me,” Ben said.

But learning that Ben had used a hookup app to trick Callum left the cop devastated.

“It’s bad enough to think this was a blood-to-the-head moment, but this is so much worse,” he said.

You planned this. You had intention.

Callum added: “You want this single lifestyle so badly that you can have it. There’s no going back from this, not for me. It’s over.”

She left after giving Ben his wedding ring back, and Ben broke down over losing everything.

The fans are disgusted by the way Ben is treated.

One wrote: “This is too hard to watch, watching Ben’s whole life be destroyed by what Lewis did to him.” #Easter.”

A second said, “I’m not Ben’s biggest fan, but it’s sad to see him go by alone. #EastEnders.”

Another added: “#orientals This is simply unbearable! I’m sobbing and hyperventilating! Oh Ben!”

Ben was raped by Lewis in heartbreaking scenes


Ben was raped by Lewis in heartbreaking scenesCredit: BBC

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