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Dream Home Makeover Netflix, Review, Cast, Mormon, Season 2 And All You Need To Know



Dream Home Makeover Netflix, Review, Cast, Mormon, Season 2 And All You Need To Know

Dream Home Makeover is a 6-episode series that reflects light above both Syd and Shea’s house design crafts and their relationship life.

Dream Home Makeover Review Netflix

Dream Home Makeover melds commonly the private view of the McGee’s, what it’s like to grow their two daughters and develop their own dream house Or Home, onward with the day to day of operating a successful business,” the streaming platform announces in a press announcement. 

“Each episode highlights one home layout Or Design plan that varies from budget-friendly living room upgrades to full home restorations Or house renovation where the funds isn’t an object.”

In summary, Netflix adds, it’s “the whole aspirational design series with relatable suggestions for watchers watching to take attraction into their own Personal abodes throughout the journey of this skilled husband-and-wife couple.”

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Dream Home Makeover Season 2 Release Date

‘Dream Home Makeover’ season 1 premiered on October 16, 2020, on Netflix. It consists of a total of 6 episodes. What hatches this program isolated from its equivalents is its relatable proof. The showcased home enhancements can continue undertaken by anyone, irrespective of the surface or size of their living sections.

The truth series presents various takeaways that can be included by all kinds of homeowners. And only because it seems so near to home, we await‘Dream Home Makeover’ to reproduce another season at most limited. If provided the go-ahead shortly, we can suppose‘Dream Home Makeover’ season 2 to premiere someday in October 2021.

Dream Home Makeover Cast S1

  • Shea McGee
  • Syd McGee

Who are Shea and Syd McGee?


Shea and Syd are the wedded duo behind Studio McGee, an internal design and e-commerce business including 70 workers or employees plus customers all across the globe, according to Netflix.

Are Shea and Syd McGee Mormon?

There’s no willingly accessible report regarding Shea and Syd’s faith, but Shea completed graduate from Brigham Young University — a private researcher university-recognized through the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, either the Mormon Church — besides a B.A. in communications and public relationships in 2007 before studying internal or interior design at Saddleback College.

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