Continuing where we left off in the penultimate episode, Chicago PD‘s Season 9 finale found Intelligence scrambling to bring down Escano, who would burn earth on his entire operation.

While Upton would be just fine after that explosion that struck them briefly, the same could not be said about the investigation. Escano was still on the run, and Anna was afraid he would find her and kill her, as he has everyone who betrayed him. Voight promised to get her into witness protection when she once spoke with an assistant district attorney.

Meanwhile, he ordered the team to pull all their evidence to present to ASA Chapman, who said they did not have enough for an arrest warrant. That’s when Voight threatened to ruin her career if she did not help, and Chapman instead filed a lawsuit.

The team searched Escano’s bakery, where Voight and Halstead found him bleeding to death on the floor. With his last breath, he told her that Anna had stopped him, and sent Voight into action to save her. He ordered the scene to close – only intelligence allowed in – and said they would go out of their way for the books.

Halstead confronted Voight, reminding the sergeant of her conversation a few months ago, in which he said he would reach out before going from the deep end. Halstead wanted to bring Anna in and claim it was self-defense, but Voight knew that would not work because they were basically submitting Escano.

The rest of Intelligence was looking for evidence as normal, unaware that Anna was her main suspect. Meanwhile, Voight tried his best to hide Anna’s involvement, even cleaning up blood from her stove. Upton then caught the blood-splattered parts of her car – which was seen on camera at the scene of the crime 20 minutes in advance – in the river and refused to hide another murder.

Voight’s determination to save Anna stimulated a private conversation between Halstead and Upton about how they should handle this. Upton did not want a repeat of the Roy situation, and Halstead assured that he could help Voight get out of this situation in the right way. But at what cost?

Ruzek, Burgess and Atwater chased another lead while Halstead went to Voight. Upton chose to follow her husband, telling him, “Wherever you go, I go.”

Voight followed Anna to a gas station and saw her cause a car accident. Knowing she was about to go for murder, Anna pointed her gun at Voight as he desperately tried to talk her out of it. But there was no passing to her. When she heard the oncoming sirens, Anna shot at Voight, forcing Upton and Halstead to open fire on Anna.

Elsewhere, the rest of Intelligence includes what may be the biggest drug bust of her career. They found pounds and pounds of paraphernalia stuck in the basement and celebrated the unexpected victory.

That was in addition to the devastating scenes of Voight telling Anna to stay with him while they were both brought to Chicago Med for treatment. Voight’s injuries, however, were minor, and he focused on their survival. But Anna died at the operating table, leaving Voight devastated and holding back tears as he stared at her body.

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