The music of Dutch DJ and producer Budakid, aka Kevin Huizing, continues to captivate dance floors around the world, supported by his cinematic tracks from the likes of Sasha, Pete Tong, Black Coffee, Kölsch and many more.


His Sweet Ease and Hybrid Society collaboration with Berlin’s Watergate club resident DJ Matthias Meyer last year was a sign of great things to come and Budakid now returns to Watergate Records, this time in collaboration with Nordfold on the United EP. He will also keep an eye out for his next song Coffee Cup on Permanent Vacation on August 5th. For more information on Budakid go to his Facebook page.

We caught up with Budakid this week to mark the release and he talked us through a selection of music including United from the new EP.

Budakid & Nordfold – United

‘United’, one of my most recent songs, not only conveys a friendship, but also the need and power to unite again with everyone around the world. A track that gives me a certain serenity and peace but still has a euphoric feeling of freedom. Listening to this piece is like rereading some sentences from my diary, it brings back memories of last year. I remember we were starting to write this song, a time when Amsterdam had a kind of lockdown and we couldn’t go out after a certain time.

Acid Arab – Soulan (Laolu Remix)

I still remember the first time I heard this song last year. I was so excited at home that I was instantly in a festive mood. The way Laolu sampled some guitar licks from the original Acid Araba melody combined with the new drum arrangement is perfect for me. Definitely one of my mood lifters from last year.

Mind vs. Prophet

Mind Against never ceases to amaze me, especially with this song ‘Prophet’. A track drenched in groove, catching harmonies with an unpredictable climax that made it one of my favorite tracks last year. I’ve been following this strong Italian duo for a while, but ever since their ‘Bloom’ EP on Afterlife, I’m a huge fan.

Squarepusher – Midi Sans Frontieres (Avec Batterie)

I have always been a huge fan of Squarepusher. But while doing some digital “box digging”, searching the web for new music, I discovered Avec Batterie’s remix of Squarepusher’s ‘Midi Sans Frontieres’. The original is already strong on its own. A minimalist cut with a kind of AB song structure. Avec Batterie kept the original melodies in place and added some extra drums at the base to give the track more drive and energy. But in the end, what really makes me put this track on this top list, is the processing of these drums. Maybe I’m just a fan of evil drums, but this drum flex is really drawing me in.

Budakid & El Zárate – Pizza Pizza

When the pandemic really became a thing, I went back to pick up an old hobby of mine, cooking. Pizza was one of the focus points at the time. This song also has a special place in my agenda. This track was baked on a dark night in the lonely forest of Brandenburg in Germany. We had a dark moon and could see the night sky as clear as any milky way movie. After making a pizza for ourselves and for the community that lived there, we went into my friend’s studio (El Zárate), located in an old windmill lost in the woods. While finishing the track in my studio in Berlin, we also decided to make pizza ourselves, which led directly to the track title ‘Pizza Pizza’.

Avnu (UK) – Proud You’re Mine

I’m always on the lookout for Maceo Plex’s Ellum label. But a song with a disco touch really surprised me in a positive way. This track gives me an instant feeling of having a permanent vacation. The track itself is well arranged and remains interesting even if it has a wacky sampler approach. The quirky vocal effects and lead synth line that comes in after the drop makes the sun shine for me.

DJ Koze – Drone me up, Flashy feat. Sophia Kennedy (&ME Remix)

It was hard to choose which &ME track is my favourite, because everything he releases lately is on fire. Minimalist and uplifting melodies and some catchy piano chords on top characterize the style of it for me. &ME is not an unknown face at Pampa Recordings. But when I found out he remixed the mighty DJ Koze, I didn’t even have to listen to the song and bought it blind. This remix is ​​heavily driven by a hypnotic synth that gives the track power. Where DJ Koze’s original cut is more of an introverted, dreamy piece, &ME did an amazing job bringing it to the dance floor.

Who Made Who – Silence and Secrets (Frank Wiedemann version)

Who Made Who brings a new air to the industry that I personally really like. A combination of songs calibrated with a touch of static electronic dance music. Melancholic, exciting and eclectic with strong, catchy hooks and beautiful harmonies. The last time I saw them was at Cityfox (Avant Gardner) in New York, where we both did our live shows. This song in particular is one of my favorites, since it is a remix by Frank Wiedemann (known for the duo Âme). A track that really catches my attention and leaves me out of the game.

Max Cooper – Love Song

When I listen to Max Cooper, I am always fascinated by his craftsmanship. Beautiful melodies and amazing sound design. Drowned in different realms, woken up by modern sound glitches and interesting audio moves. This track had me hooked for the last two years. ‘Lovesong’ is for me a perfect balance between atmospheric melodies and smart dance music. For me this is the latest technology. A track I can put on repeat for years.

Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Rà-àkõ-st (Lindstrøm version)

What happens if you mix two of your favorite musicians? East! An astonishing performance by Unknown Mortal Orchestra of Lindstrøm’s ‘Rà-àkõ-st’. Lindstrøm’s ‘Smalhans’ LP is one of my favorite dance albums of all time. I find it to be a magnificent piece of intellectual dance music. Lindstrøm’s music stands out for me primarily in its arrangements and melodic phrases. Unknown Mortal Orchestra is a psychedelic rock band known for its innovative and authentic studio approach, produced with a lot of depth and character. This version he did for Lindstrøm blew my mind, not only because they are both fantastic producers, but also because they make a rare crossover within the music industry.

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