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Bride divides opinion by charging guests £3.66 for extra slice of cake

MOST couples have a strict budget that they want to follow to create the perfect wedding.

But a bride has caused controversy online after charging a guest to take an extra piece of cake.


The guest was stunned after being asked to pay for an extra slice of cake.Credit: Reddit

Posting on Reddit, the wedding guest in question revealed that he was caught on CCTV smuggling a second slice of cake into the wedding.

The newlyweds became amateur sleuths, reviewing footage to review their special day.

And they caught the suspect red-handed, sending the guest a message a few days later asking him under no uncertain terms to pay for the slice.

The puzzled guest was asked to pay £3.66 ‘as soon as possible’.

He claimed that all the guests were asked to pay for the cost of the cake, which they did, but they were clearly upset that a second helping was served.

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He wrote: “I paid for the first serving after the day was announced that we would help pay for her cake!! Apparently I didn’t count towards the second.”

He shared a screenshot of the awkward conversation, which begins with what appears to be a still from CCTV footage catching him in the act.

After he replied that he didn’t understand what they meant, the couple replied, “Hey, we were looking at the security cameras and we saw that you had two pieces of the wedding cake.”

“We advertised that each guest must pay per slice and noticed you only paid for one. Can you send the £3.66 as soon as possible?”

Several Reddit users were shocked by the newlywed’s reaction.

One asked, “Did you have to pay for a piece of cake? Is this a cultural thing? Did you have to pay for other things too, like chairs and a plate?”

The poster responded, “Never heard of it before. It was a talking point at the wedding as it was announced by the best man first and then confirmed in the groom’s speech as well.”

“I thought it was a joke, but then when people lined up for cake, people had to go back to their tables to get cash. And look at this, they had a card reader and we’re even taking names for the cards!” tabs!”

Another person commented, “That’s what blew me away the most. Paying by the serving is also tacky, but sending real videos is a whole other level of crazy!”

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A third wrote: “It’s incredibly cheeky to ask guests to pay for the cake, let alone review pictures and then bill guests for £3.66 after the fact! How can they not be embarrassed?”

Meanwhile, a fourth added: “I love spending my first precious days as a newlywed checking CCTV to see which of my loved ones I can extort £3.66 from.”

It's safe to say that the guests weren't thrilled about having to pay a contribution for the cake.


It’s safe to say that the guests weren’t thrilled about having to pay a contribution for the cake.Credit: Getty

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