APPLE’s upcoming iOS 16 may cause some glitches for older iPhone models.

At its annual WWDC event last month, Apple revealed that iOS 16 will come with a host of new features.


iPhone users will finally be able to retrieve text messages in iMessage after hitting send.Credit: apple

Several of those features aim to improve the iMessage experience for users.

This includes the ability to edit as well as retrieve a text after sending it; Note that this only works between iMessage users.

However, now a new report from 9to5mac claims that these two features might not work if the receiving party has an older iPhone.

So if you’re trying to edit or unsend an embarrassing message, you might be out of luck.

What devices are affected?

Devices running iOS 15 and earlier are at risk of not working with the new tools.

Experts tell 9to5mac: “Unfortunately, at least for now, Apple hasn’t figured out a way to remove messages from devices running iOS 15 or earlier.”

“This means that even if you delete a message on an iOS 16 device, it will still be available to iMessage users who haven’t updated their devices to the latest version of the operating system.”

Apple appears to be addressing the bugs with iOS 16 beta 2, according to The Verge.

However, the post also noted that the issue is “unlikely to persist for long” as iOS 16 will soon be available for most Apple devices.

iPhone models dating back to 8 will have the ability to update their iOS to 16 once it is released.

But that still means that anyone using a pre-2017 iPhone won’t be able to use the new features.

a game changer

For years, iPhone users have wanted a tool to recover text messages after sending them.

Just a few weeks ago, a thread highlighting the issue went viral on Twitter.

“Apple, we need to unsend iMessage,” said Twitter user @BigNeyogems, tweeting more than 100,000 likes.

Platforms like WhatsApp have long provided their users with this feature.

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And now, it finally seems that Apple has caught up with the technology.

Apple also announced a third smart tool for iMessage: the ability to mark text threads as “unread” after opening them.

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