Hamad Al-Dabaikhi, the technical analyst, stressed the importance of today’s match for Al-Ittihad and Al-Ittifaq, judging by the need for each team for its three points, noting that Al-Ittihad wants to hold onto all its chances of winning the title, which was in its hands, but it overdosed the points until Al-Hilal jumped and shared with it the lead, even surpassing it In direct confrontations, while Al-Ettifaq sees that the three points of the match are a lifeline for him from the specter of relegation to the first degree.

Al-Dabaikhi indicated that the most important weak points of the agreement in today’s match are the defense, which is the weakest link in the team, and it caused many problems for the agreement, while he has a good midfield as well as the attack.

Al-Dabaikhi made it clear that the task of defending the agreement will be difficult in the face of the Al-Ittihad attack, with the presence of Romarinho, Hamdallah and Al-Aboud.

Al-Debikhi warned the Federal coach, Cosmin Contra, against relying on rebounds in a match such as today’s confrontation, and he must rely on construction and diversity in penetration.

Al-Dubaykhi praised the attack of the agreement, with the always annoying presence of Muhammad Al-Quwaibi and Omar Al-Saliti, pointing to the need for the agreement today to converge its lines, and to benefit from Al-Quwaibi and Al-Siliti on both sides of the stadium.

Al-Dabaikhi praised the technical capabilities of the Al-Ittihad players in goalkeeping and defense, with Hegazy and in the offensive line, and pointed out that Al-Ittihad did not present a good level in its last meetings, specifically against Al-Tai, and if the team continues at your level, it will suffer in front of the agreement.

Al-Dabaikhi warned the two teams of empty spaces in the defensive areas, because there are players who prefer to play in these circumstances, whether in the union or the agreement.

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