The basketball family at the Al-Ittihad Club invited Senegalese coach Sis Samba after 29 years of serving the Basket of Dreams, and contributed to providing the golden generation that achieved the dean’s local Gulf, Arab and Asian championships, where he supervised them in the junior stages, then worked as an assistant to the American coach Randy, and also took over the reins Training in the first team several periods.

The celebration was joyful, in the presence of the President of the Basketball Association, Bassam Tashkandi, who said in his speech: “Samba trained him when he was a player in the Federation.” Civilized and a gesture of honor worthy of the Dean.

For his part, the giant of the Federal Basketball Association, Hassan Atallah, said: “Samba trained me and trained my sons, Muhammad and Muthanna.

The ceremony was attended by Honorary Member of Al-Ittihad Club, Dr. Muhammad Bukhari, who is known for his special support for the various games of the Dean, and presented a financial reward in appreciation of his efforts throughout all these years within the Federation. The event was also attended by the stars of the golden generation, Ghassan Yanbuwi, the basketball supervisor at the current Al-Ittihad club, Mabrouk Al-Harbi, Othman Fallata, Sami Fallata and Ziad Fallata.

The stars of the current team, led by Captain Ayman Madani, were also keen to attend the ceremony.

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