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AC / DC: Brian Johnson was not allowed to say goodbye to Malcolm Young



AC / DC: Brian Johnson was not allowed to say goodbye to Malcolm Young

Brian Johnson says he would not have had the opportunity to communicate with Malcolm Young after his ear surgery – even though he was in the room next door.

After the past five years have been more than disturbing, the rock legends AC / DC are now back: On November 13, 2020, after a six-year break, their new album “Power Up” will be released. In an interview, singer Brian Johnson tells how the band members have fared after all the setbacks in recent years. The musician told “Bild” about the death of the AC / DC songwriter and guitarist Malcom Young, as well as his hearing problems, which had led to Johnson’s short-term exit from the band in 2016.

According to Johnson, the new record “Power Up” is above all a tribute to its deceased band member. The lead singer said of Malcom Young’s death: “It was tough for all of us. We kind of knew it was going to happen. Malcolm was seriously ill. But it was a terrible shock to me when he died. The new album is a tribute to Malcolm. I’m so glad we recorded it. ”The worst thing for him, however, was not being able to say goodbye to Young, says Johnson.

After his ear surgery, he would not have had the opportunity to communicate with the band’s songwriter – although he would have been in the room next door. He recalls: “When I woke up from general anesthesia, the nurse came in and said, ‘Isn’t it weird that you’re here and Malcolm is in his room right behind that wall.’ I said, ‘Great, I can Do I visit him? ‘And she:’ Oh no, no way! “Any form of shock could have been bad for him.” Johnson adds, “It was horrible to be in bed, to see this wall, and to know that Malcolm was right behind – not even 20 yards from me. That really shook me. “

Brian Johnson also reports in the interview how his hearing problems came about in the first place. He explains: “At a concert on the ‘Rock Or Bust’ tour in 2015, it rained heavily, my ears got watery and we immediately got on the plane to the next concert. My ears were no longer free. So I flew to Australia and had a check-up. The doctor said, ‘We have to operate immediately.’ All of this stuff got into my ear, crystallized like an acid, and eaten into the healthy parts. The doctor removed everything, but the next day he said: You lost all of your hearing in one ear. The other one is still doing a bit. “

For the legendary hard rock band AC / DC, the past five years have been a real test of hardship: Malcom Young suffered a stroke in 2014, which in turn caused severe dementia. Shortly afterwards Brian Johnson had to leave the band temporarily due to numbness, Cliff Williams followed him. In 2017, the oldest Young brother, George Young, died first, and Malcolm Young a few weeks later. The return to music was incredibly important for him, Angus Young, Cliff Williams and Phil Rudd, Johnson said in an interview: “When the record company asked Angus if he wanted to do a new album, he asked himself: What would Malcom do? Angus always talks to his brother. He called me and Cliff and Phil and we all said yes! I immediately said yes – against all expectations. “

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