Abbott Elementary creator and star Quinta Brunson is sick to her stomach – not just about the “lovers” of America with guns, but the apparent demand for her hit ABC comedy to tackle the epidemic of gun violence in season 2.

On Tuesday, 19 children and two adults were killed when a police officer opened fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. (The 18-year-old suspect was also killed.) The tragedy marked the deadliest American school shooting since the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre nearly a decade ago.

“While how many people have asked for an episode of school shooting of the show I’m writing,” Brunson shared on Twitter Wednesday. “People stand so deeply away from demanding more of the politicians they have elected and demanding ‘entertainment’ instead. I can no longer ask ‘is it okay with you’ because the answer is ‘no’ .

“Please use that energy to ask your elected official to arrive at Beto time and nothing less,” she pleads. “I beg you.”

Brunson first weighed in at the Robb Elementary massacre late Tuesday. “Sick on my stomach tonight about the love affair America has with guns,” she twittered. “I often read about gun violence. My city and family have been hit by it. Gun violence is a constant, day-to-day problem. Mass shootings are only a part of it. Stop saying nothing can be done. If you vote , then demand more from the people you have chosen to change laws.

Earlier that night, President Biden addressed the shooting at a prime-time address. “We as a nation need to ask when we will stand up in the name of God against the gun lobby,” he cried. “When do we do in the name of God what we all know needs to be done in our gut? I’m sick and tired of it. We need to act. Do not tell me we can not influence this massacre.

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