Al-Ittihad postponed the conclusion of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup, and kept the competition between it and Al-Hilal burning until the last breath of the competition, where the last round will be next Monday, while Al-Ahly faces a real predicament by being in the relegation circle, after the broad defeat it received from its leading guest (3 -1) In the match that was held in Jeddah.

The tigers turned it around

Al-Ittihad achieved an important victory over its host Al-Ittihad at Prince Muhammad Bin Fahd Stadium in Dammam in the 29th round.

Al-Ittihad raised its score to 64 points, and Al-Ettifaq fell to 15th place with 31 points.

The first half of the match ended with a negative result, and the Al-Ittihad team was better in the middle of the field, which scored a goal that was canceled in the 28th minute due to offside against Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah.

With the start of the second half, which was exciting from its beginning, the agreement team improved, which took the initiative to score through its professional Amin Younes in the 58th minute, after he dribbled with Ahmed Hegazy and goalkeeper Marcelo Grohe.

After this goal, Cosmin Contra moved and involved Cornado and Awad Al-Nashiri. With this change, Al-Ittihad’s performance differed in attack and from a corner kick, the referee awards a penalty kick to Al-Ittihad after the ball touched the hand of defender Ayoub Abdellawi in the 73rd minute. In the 87th minute, and from a quick and organized counter-attack, Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah scored the third goal in the 87th minute, and after this goal the referee counted an additional 7 minutes.

In the 96th minute of stoppage time, Flip Kiech gets a red card directly after his violent intervention on Awad Al-Nashiri.

In the last seconds of the match, Al-Ittihad coach Cosmin Contra suffers from a state of fatigue that worried the administrative staff and the players, who seemed to be in good condition after the intervention of the medical staff.

Al-Hilal hits Al-Fateh

Al-Hilal maintained its chances of winning the league title after beating Al-Fateh 3-0 outside its rules. Salem Al-Dosari (two goals) and Moussa Mariga signed the match that brought the two teams together on the grounds of Prince Abdullah bin Jalawi Sports City in Al-Ahsa for the 29th round.

The match was fast and perfect in its first half, in which the control of Al Hilal team was condemned, and Al Hilal scored early through Salem Al Dosari after a ball that Michel penetrated into the area and displayed to find Salem Al Dosari, who deposited it into the net in the 11th minute, after the goal Al Fateh organized its ranks and began attacking through Ayman Al-Khalif, Firas Al-Braikan and Kuifa, but Al-Hilal’s defense was present, and in the 40th minute, and in the 40th minute of a quick and perfect counter-attack led by captain Salman Al-Faraj, he passed it to Yasser Al-Shahrani, who in turn turned it into the starting point Salem Al-Dosari, who deposited it into the net as a second Hilal goal, and this half witnessed the expulsion of Al-Hilal player Cuellar.

The second half was less than the previous one in terms of technical performance, attack, spread and access to the goal, and Al-Fath coach Adonis deliberately threw his offensive papers in order to change the situation something and reduce the result in light of the cohesion and interconnectedness of the Crescent Defense, and Al Hilal managed the match despite the attempt, and in its style. Al-Fateha, which was not successful in front of the presence and response of the guard and Al-Hilal defense – this victory raised Al-Hilal’s score to a point (64).


Al-Batin defeated Damak with two goals against a goal scored by Al-Batin Muhammad Rayhi from the penalty mark, and Youssef Al-Muzayrib and made a good step in escaping the specter of relegation. Al-Faisaly won over Al-Tai with a clean goal and made a step forward in the escape journey, as he had (33) points – while Al-Taei stayed away from the point (34).

Al-Nasr defeated Al-Hazm by four goals to one, Abha and Al-Fayha drew 0-0, and Al-Taawun and Al-Shabab tied 1-1.

Al-Ahly is in trouble


Al-Raed club defeated its host Al-Ahly Club 3-1 in the matches of the 29th round yesterday, Thursday, in the confrontation that was held at the “Radiant Jewel” stadium.

The first half of the match witnessed Al-Ahly’s control from the beginning over the course of the game, amid a great retreat and reservation from the Al-Raed team, which did not pose a great danger to Al-Ahly’s goal.

Al-Ahly tried to score its first goal after several attempts, the defense of Al-Raed was in a state of great focus, so this half continued with the superiority of Al-Ahly.

In the second half of the match, the approach continued as it was between the two teams, with continuous negative Ahly pressure.

In the 60th minute, Al-Raed managed to score the second goal through Raed Al-Ghamdi.

Al-Ahly continued its pressure to reduce the difference, but without a real danger to Al-Raed’s goal.

In the midst of a retreat from the Al-Raed team, which relied on the rebounds until it managed to score the third goal.

To confirm his victory, and in stoppage time, the Brazilian Eduardo reduced by scoring the first goal for Al-Ahly, and the match ended with Al-Raed winning 3-1.

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