On Friday, the night sky will be lit up by the alignment of 5 planets. But, what does this phenomenon mean?

The rare view will be at its peak on June 24 as the celestial bodies can be spotted next to one another, that too in a planetary order.

Irrespective of your location, the 5-planet assignment can be viewed by people across the globe.

The sun and nine planets of our system orbiting. Clipping path included for the foreground objects.Opacity and bump textures for the earth and other planets map prepared via tracing images from www.nasa.gov.Earth texture:http://veimages.gsfc.nasa.gov/2431/land_ocean_ice_cloud_2048.jpgSimilar images:

Meaning of 5-planet alignment

The unusual phenomenon is called 5-planet alignment owing to the planets that will appear next to one another on June 24.

There will be a spectacular view of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn.

It is also said that the moon will appear between Venus and Mars, taking Earth’s position in the planetary order.

This phenomenon last took place in December 2004 and is believed not to happen again until 2040.

Although the five planets have been in alignment since the beginning of June, they will appear at their brightest tomorrow.

How to view it

The best time to view the planets’ alignment is said to be an hour before sunrise as it will be washed out by the light later.

Please check when the sunrise is in your location for the best view.

However, to get the optimal view, you need to wait for a clear sky. Experts recommend checking the southeastern horizon an hour before sunrise for the best result.

The rare phenomenon can be viewed with naked eyes by people across the globe. The use of binoculars could give you a better experience.

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Although experts from NASA are of the opinion that the alignment of five planets is more of an astronomical event, a psychic explained its significance to National World.

Apparently, this phenomenon is extremely powerful and ideal for new beginnings.

“Any new ideas that people have or things that they’ve had bubbling under the surface – now is a really good time to make it happen. When Mars and Jupiter come together they can really make things happen,” Nicolas Aujula said.

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